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FairMormon is a volunteer organization. There are six ways you can join FairMormon–pick the level of involvement that is right for you. (You can choose from any and all of these methods of involvement.)


  • Contributing Member +

      FairMormon is an entirely volunteer organization, but it still costs money to host our Web sites and put on our annual conferences. We are a 501c(3) corporation, so your contributions are entirely tax deductible.

      For information on contributing to FairMormon, visit this page.

  • Content Member +

      A large part of accomplishing our mission is to provide information to people. FairMormon invites submissions for our Web site and for our monthly Journal. Submissions must be consistent with FairMormon’s mission and purpose. While LDS apologetics (in the broadest sense) deals with refuting critics of the Church, articles don’t necessarily have to deal with anti-Mormonism, but may deal with some new evidence of the Book of Mormon, some interesting scripture interpretation, a viewpoint or quote from the early Christian Fathers or other historical figure, an interesting lesson idea, an inspiring missionary story, Church history, or your view on a current event related to the Church or a piece from a historical journal.

      If you would like to submit an article, please review our editorial style guide. Submissions should adhere to the style guide as closely as possible.Submit your article or any inquiries to the Webmaster.

  • Referring Member +

      FairMormon is better able to accomplish its mission as more and more people know about us. Please tell your friends, family, and fellow ward members about FairMormon.

      If you have a Web site, you can include links to the FairMormon Web site. There are several different banners available, and you can use them freely. Information on banners is located here

  • FairMormon Journal Member +

      The FairMormon Journal is a free monthly publication sent to you via e-mail. The FairMormon Journal includes information about the latest in apologetics and what is going on at FairMormon.

      Back issues of the FairMormon Journal are available at this location.Be sure you subscribe to the Journal so you can receive future issues each month. You can sign up for the Journal on this page

  • FairMormon List Member +

      For those truly interested in the defense of the faith, consider joining the FairMormon e-mail List. This mailing list is the “heart and soul” of FairMormon. It is designed for those actively involved in defending the faith and those producing content for our Web site. Participation on the list is limited to those supportive of the LDS Church and supportive of FairMormon’s mission. As such, the FairMormon list can be viewed as a “safe harbor” for those on the front lines of apologetics. The FairMormon List is a high-volume list, many times resulting in more than 100 messages per day. If you do not have the time or inclination to deal with a high volume of messages, then this level of participation is not appropriate for you.

      If you are interested in joining the FairMormon List, you can do so by filling out this application. (When you are done filling out the application, you will need to make a tax-deductable donation of at least $25 in order to join. This $25 donation is an annual, non-refundable membership fee.) If you have an occasional question you would like to ask members of the FairMormon list, you don’t need to join at this membership level. Instead, send your questions to our Questions address, and they will be passed along to list members for comment and response.

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