2014 FairMormon Conference

The 16th annual FairMormon Conference was held on August 7 and 8, 2014 at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo, Utah. Transcriptions of the presentations are available at the links below.

The Book of Abraham and Unnoticed Assumptions
Kerry Muehlstein

Blacks in the Scriptures
Marvin Perkins

Joseph Smith Among the Early Christians
Barry Bickmore

Earl Wunderli’s Imperfect Book
Bob Rees

Scriptural Style in Early Nineteenth Century American Literature
Matt Roper & Paul Fields

“Mormons can BE gay, they just can’t DO gay”?: Deconstructing Sexuality and Identity From an LDS Perspective
Ty Mansfield

Why, Yes! I am a Mormon, Thank You Very Much!
Ann Cannon

Shouldering the Cross, or How to Condemn Racism and Still Call Brigham Young a Prophet
Russell Stevenson

The Preposterous Book of Mormon: A Singular Advantage (PDF)
Robert F. Smith

“This Is a Woman’s Church”
Sharon Eubank

The Story Behind the Revelations: Using the Joseph Smith Papers to Better Understand the Doctrine and Covenants
Matt Grow & Matt Godfrey

Panel Discussion: Family Members Who Left

Religious Liberty: What Latter-day Saints Need to Know to Preserve Our First Freedom
Hannah Smith

Some Reflections on That Letter to a CES Director
Dan Peterson


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