Answering the Bible Answer Man: Thomas S. Ferguson

FairMormon Staff

The Great Mormon Scholar, Thomas S. Ferguson


Here demonstrating that the book is replete with false information regarding science, history and archaeology; for example, supposedly in the Mormon belief is a place called the land of Moron north of the great land of desolation. So they have their archaeology, they have their history, they have their science, they have it all wrong.


They have it all wrong and in fact what’s really interesting is that there was a very, very highly respected Mormon scholar named Thomas Stewart Ferguson, he was their pre-eminent apologist, someone who looked for years and years and years for any evidence of validity of the Book of Mormon and after many years of seeking and searching this great Mormon scholar actually realized that the Book of Mormon was a fraud and he gave it up and basically told people privately that he didn’t believe in it anymore that it was a fraud and I’ve actually reproduced a copy of a personal letter that he wrote to somebody where he actually says this.

The Truth about Thomas S. Ferguson:

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