Anti-Mormon efforts at the 2003 Mesa Easter Pageant

Allen Wyatt

Anti-Mormon efforts at the 2003 Mesa Easter Pageant

Many people know that anti-Mormons show up and protest at the LDS General Conferences. You may not know that whenever the Saints meet, there is a good chance that anti-Mormons will be present, passing out literature and carrying signs that point out “problems” with Mormonism.

These pictures were taken at the 2003 Mesa Arizona Easter Pageant, which has been produced annually by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since 1928. Those opposed to the Church positioned themselves chiefly along Main Street, so they could pass out materials to those attending the open-air pageant. These pictures were taken by Allen Wyatt.

Under each picture you will find some comments by the photographer, as well as some links that provide additional information that explain the sensationalistic claims of the protesters.


Most anti-Mormons quietly handed out materials to those gathering for the pageant,
and would try to engage the attendees in conversation about the Mormons.


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A common theme presented by anti-Mormons is that we are somehow not Christian.
Are Mormons Christian?


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It is shocking to some that the LDS might believe Satan and Jesus are brothers.
This large sign was atop a van parked adjacent to the Easter Pageant.
Is Jesus the Devil’s Brother?


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Despite their appearance, these are not really LDS missionaries. They are dressed as
LDS missionaries in order to deceive passersby, with the hope of passing out more
literature. Some anti-Mormons feel that such deceit is acceptable in their work.
What is the Truth About LDS Missionary Efforts?


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Another anti-Mormon missionary, doing his “Christian” work.
Do Mormons Worship “Another Jesus?”


This sign was on the van parked in front of the Easter Pageant. I think this
sign speaks for itself, and is very telling of the mindset of some anti-Mormons.
Anti-Mormons often say things for shock value. This sign offended many people,
Mormon and non-Mormon alike. Most of the arguments about this sign were
between non-Mormons and the sign’s owner.


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The graphic used on this sign is taken from a photograph of the final scene in the
Easter Pageant. It shows the resurrected Christ rising in the air above a host of
angels. This anti-Mormon is attempting to say that Mormons not only follow
“another Christ,” but also follow Satan.
What do the LDS Believe About Satan?


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This protester believes the LDS are condemned to Hell with
a host of others, many guilty of grievous sins.
What Do the LDS Believe About God’s Judgment?

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