They Lie In Wait to Deceive, Volume 1

Robert L. and Rosemary Brown

They Lie In Wait to Deceive, Volume 1

“That we henceforth be no more children tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine by the sleight of men and cunning craftiness whereby they lie in wait to deceive.” (Ephesians 4:14)

Volume Overview

The late Dee Jay Nelson lectured at the invitation of numerous churches. On a tour through Arizona, Robert L. and Rosemary Brown attended and taped one of his lectures. Ninety-six statements from Nelson’s 120-minute lecture were found to be false or misleading.

Dee Jay Nelson, among other things, claimed to have earned two Ph.D. degrees, to be a world-renowned Egyptologist, to be an author of over 150 scientific papers and articles, to be a mathematician, and to be one who, because of his reputation, was asked by the late King Farouk to catalog his artifacts. He used these and other impressive credentials to intimidate his audiences to believing hs false statements concerning Joseph Smith and the Book of Abraham. However, Dee Jay Nelson was found to be a high-school dropout who purchased his degrees from a diploma mill shut down by the State of Washington, was unknown to real Egyptologists who were unaware of his “scientific” and “Egyptological contributions,” etc. All documentation is included for the reader in this 300+ page volume.

Table of Contents

Preface i
Dedication ii
Introduction iv
1. Dee Jay Nelson: Degree Credentials 1
2. Dee Jay Nelson: Credentials as a Mathematician 44
3. Dee Jay Nelson: Credentials as a Professor 57
4. Dee Jay Nelson: Credentials as an Author 62
5. “Reed J. Neuberger” and King Farouk 87
6. Identification of Nelson’s Resurrection Figure 101
7. Nelson’s “Commission” to Translate the Joseph Smith Papyri 106
8. Summary of Dee Jay Nelson’s Lecture (February 22, 1980, Mesa, Arizona) 117
9. Errors and Distortions by Dee Jay Nelson and Jerald and Sandra Tanner 155
10. The Truth About the Book of Abraham 165
11. Conclusion, by Joseph C. Muren, Convert to the LDS Church 176
Appendix Section

  • Nelson’s Lecture Transcript
  • Nelson’s Press Release Information
  • Nelson’s Book on Pyramid Power (Extracts)
  • Newspaper Article Checking Dee Jay Nelson’s Credentials
  • Newspaper Article by Dr. Cyrus H. Gordon
  • Letter by Thomas Stuart Ferguson
  • Magazine Article from “Family Circle Magazine”
  • Letter from Dr. Hugh Nibley
  • Article by Dr. Nibley
  • Newspaper Article by Col. Joseph P. O’Riley
  • Letter from J. Malek
  • Newspaper Article by Concerned Christians, Inc. of Mesa, Arizona
  • Newspaper Article: “A Mormon Replies to Concerned Christians”
  • Newspaper Article: “Ask His Mummy,” Mesa Tribune, Mesa,
    Arizona, February 24, 1980
  • Photo of Dee Jay Nelson’s Phony Degree, Business Card,
    and Papier-Mache Mummy
  • Addendum Introduction
Index 284

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