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This page lists all templates created on the FAIR Wiki.


Reference Templates

This templates allow frequently-cited works to be included with short cuts. This allows all referenecs to be identical, include off-site links, use standard forms, etc. Changes to references can be made in one spot, instead of hundreds.

All templates master list
FARMS Review Vol. 01-10
FARMS Review Vol. 11-20
JBMS Vol. 01-10
JBMS Vol. 11-20
Other books and periodicals
Scripture auto-links!
GospeLink quick links

Editing Templates

These templates provide short cuts for editing, replacing oft-used text, etc.

General editing templates

  • Template:An - "Annotate": Annotates a link in small text.
Format: {{an|Put any annotate text here you want.}}

Multiple version templates

Some articles have a short, summary version, and a longer, more detailed article. These templates link the two articles together. "Extra" can be left blank, by simply putting extra=}} with no text.

''Format'': {{ShortVersion|topic=TopicHere|url=http://etc.|extra=Any other text at the end of the box}}
''Format'': {{LongVersion|topic=TopicHere|url=http://etc.|extra=Any other text at the end of the box}}

Other language for wiki

''Format'': {{OtherLang}}

Serves as a sub-category label for "other" language links.

This: {{englischerArtikel|http://en.fairmormon.org}}

englischer Artikel

This: {{FrenchWiki|http://fr.fairmormon.org/index.php/Accueil}}

FAIR Wiki French

This: {{GermanWiki|http://www.de.fairmormon.org/index.php/Hauptseite}}

FAIR Wiki German

This: {{PortugueseWiki|http://pt.fairmormon.org/index.php/Página_principal}}

FAIR Wiki Portuguese

This: {{RussianWiki|http://ru.fairmormon.org}}

FAIR Wiki Russian

This: {{SpanishWiki|http://es.fairmormon.org/index.php/Portada}}

FAIR Wiki Español

Portal templates

Click here to see all Portals displayed!

Portals are a collection of hotlinks for a given topic.

Collected link/article templates

These templates contain frequently reused links (often useful for placing in the "further reading" section of all articles that deal with a topic (e.g. the Bible, the godhead) so that changes links for one are reflected in all articles.

Adam templates

Baptism for the dead templates

Bible templates

JST links

Theosis (Deification)

Book of Mormon templates

Book of Mormon footer templates

Footers in small print, to link to other subgroups of Book of Mormon material. (See General templates for examples of use).

Book of Mormon GENERAL templates

Book of Mormon archaelogy

Book of Mormon authorship

Book of Mormon and KJV Bible text templates

Book of Mormon and DNA

Book of Mormon geography

Book of Mormon geo - tables of models


Book of Mormon - gold and metal plates

Book of Mormon Hebraic Influences

Book of Mormon witnesses templates

Church history and D&C templates

Apostasy templates

D&C and Lectures on Faith

Emma Smith templates

First Vision

Legal issues templates

"Magic", Occult, etc.

1826 Glasslooking trial
Hofmann and other Forgeries

Plural marriage

Political issues in Church history templates

Priesthood templates

Prophecy templates

Evolution templates

Grace templates

Joseph Smith templates

Other visionary issues

Godhead templates



Holy Ghost

Interfaith issues templates

Pearl of Great Price templates

Priesthood templates

Hugh Nibley templates

Other subjects

Accusations of dishonesty templates


Quote mining templates

Specific author templates

Temple templates

Freemasonry templates

Word of Wisdom templates

Footnote / Endnote templates

These templates are used to create automatic endnotes.

Website and Hotlink Templates


Template:Bibel: Links to EU Bible Format: {{Bible|ref=Citation|code=special code}}

See: FAIRwiki:Scripture_template_how_to Codes: FAIRwiki:Bibelbücher


Links to LDS scriptures on lds.org site.

Format: {{Schriften|1|Nephi|3|7}}

How to use: FAIRwiki:Scripture_template_how_to

Can also use: Template:scripture; Template:s (all do the same thing)

Church LDS.org website

links to lds.org website

Format: {{lds|topic=Marriage|url=http://etc. }}

Appears like this:

LDS.org: Challenges in Marriage Church site

"Edit Me"

FAIR website link

Format: {{editme| url=PageName|before=TextBefore|after=TextAfter }}

Note:Use this at the top of templates to insert a small graphic for editors to click if they wish to edit the template list. The URL should be the page NAME that appears when one clicks "edit" the page which the link should edit.

Example of its use: Template:ArticleMasterLists (For this example page, the url is Template:ArticleMasterLists)


{{editme|url=FAIRWiki:Table_of_contents|before=This text is before the graphic|after='''This bold text is after the graphic'''}}

Gives the following output:

This text is before the graphic This bold text is after the graphic

Note that if you do not want text before (and/or after), you must STILL include the before= and after= arguments, but leave them blank. So, to make a link to Table of Contents with no writing beside the icon, use:


Which gives:

If you don't include the blank before=|after=, then you get this:

{{{before}}} {{{after}}}

...which is ugly. :-)

FAIR Topical Guide

links to the topical guide; puts in "FAIR Topical Guide:" text for you

Format: {{Tg|topic=Grace|url=http://etc. }}

Appears like this:

FAIR Topical Guide: Grace FAIR link

FAIR Website

FAIR website link

Format: {{fairlink| url=http://etc. }}



Format: {{GL | url=http://etc. }}

GospeLink - indicates that link is to a specific chapter, to distinguish from more generic links to the table of contents. Optional, but sometimes useful. (Compare link and link1 templates below.)

Format: {{GL1| url=http://etc. }}

Journal of Discourses

Off site HTML link

Link to off-site webpage

Format: {{link|url=http://etc.}}

Link to off-site webpage; marks it as a "direct" link to the specific citation (compare GL1 and GL)

Format: {{link|url=http://etc.}}

Off site MP3 or other audio link

Link to off-site digital audio file (mp3, etc.)

Format: {{mp3link|url=http://etc.}}

Off site PDF

Link to off-site PDF file

Format: {{pdflink|url=http://etc.}}

Scriptures (LDS)

Links to scriptures on lds.org site.

Format: {{Schriften|1|Nephi|3|7}}

How to use: FAIRwiki:Scripture_template_how_to

Also: Template:scriptures; Template:s (all do the same thing)

Template:Bibel: Links to EU Bible Format: {{Bible|ref=Citation|code=special code}}

See: FAIRwiki:Scripture_template_how_to Codes: FAIRwiki:Bibelbücher


Link to off-site PDF file

Format: {{wikilink|url=http://etc.}}

Links can be made to the wiki by enclosing the title name in two square brackets, of course.

[[name of title here]]

This template allows a small link to the wiki, which can keep things from being too cluttered. The title of each article does NOT appear for the user.


 {{wikilink|url=Bible basics}} 

Gives a link like this: FAIRWiki link

Example of its use on a wikipage: here.

Special templates


This template creates a clickable graphic image to use as a link. It is used, for instance, by the "editme" template.


Format: {{Click|url=PageName|width=Xpx|height=Ypx|image=Wiki.jpg|Title=NAME}}


url=LOCAL pagename. This does not work for http:// style links outside the Wiki.
X=pixel width of image (to max of 100 px; can exceed size of your graphic, but not be less than it)
Y=pixel hegiht of image (as above)
image=name of graphic to use as link
title=Name of link