Frage: Bekommen Generalautoritäten große Geldsummen, wenn sie berufen werden?

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Frage: Bekommen Generalautoritäten große Geldsummen, wenn sie berufen werden?


Claims that General Authorities receive large "hush money" payments are pure speculation with little data

This type of criticism seems intended to imply that General Authorities perform their duties out of greed, rather than sincere belief. This seems implausible, given that most are at or beyond retirement age when called, and many have been highly successful outside of Church service.


  • Non-disclosure agreements are standard practice with regard to salary and compensation.
  • The numbers suggested have consistently escalated over time, despite an absence of hard data.
  • Those who provide such accounts attempt to make normal practices seem nefarious or hidden.
  • The Church has not hidden the fact that general authorities receive a stipend, and there is scriptural warrant for the practice.

These kinds of speculations as to money received almost always comes from disaffected and former members, and involves large round numbers such as $300,000, $500,000 or $1,000,000

They all claim (in true conspiracy theory fashion) to have an inside source. They always make claims with no evidence - and use nice big eye-catching round numbers such as $300,000, $500,000, $1,000,000, and so on. Should the church provide some data, it would almost certainly be dismissed as a cover up of the truth (protected of course by those NDAs, right?). There may be a lot of reasons why people become General Authorities, but it seems doubtful that getting wealthy is one of them. You would think, with hundreds of General Authorities, all supposedly getting excessive payments from the church (as the allegations go) for the last century, there might have been some sort of financial scandal that the critics could pin their speculations to. But it doesn't seem like it, does it?