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Source(s) of the criticism

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  • M.T. Lamb, The Golden Bible: Or, the Book of Mormon. Is It From God? (New York: Ward and Drummond, 1887), 11.: "No such records were ever engraved upon golden plates, or any other plates, in the early ages."
  • Thomas J. Finley, "A Review of Hugh Nibley's Comparisons between the Book of Mormon and the Lachish Letters" (1998). This paper was originally delivered to the Society for the Study of Alternate Religions (SSAR) at the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, 19 November 1998, Orlando, Florida.
  • Stuart Martin, The Mystery of Mormonism (London: Odhams Press, 1920), 27.
  • La Roy Sunderland, “Mormonism,” Zion’s Watchman (New York) 3, no. 8 (24 February 1838). "[The Book of Mormon] speaks...of the Jewish Scriptures, having been kept by Jews on plates of brass, six hundred years before Christ. The Jews never kept any of their records on plates of brass." [See reply by Pratt (1838), p. 36.]
  • Brent Lee Metcalfe, "Apologetic and Critical Assumptions about Book of Mormon Historicity," Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 26 no. 3 (1993), 156–157. [152–184]

Past LDS responses

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