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Further reading

Further reading

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Anachronisms claimed to exist in the Book of Mormon

Summary: "Anachronism" = out of time; something which is not in its proper historical context. It is claimed that a number of items or concepts in the Book of Mormon are not consistent with what is known about ancient American geography, history, or anthropology. These "errors" used as evidence that the Book of Mormon is a 19th century work rather than an ancient record.

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  • L. Ara Norwood, "Still Losing the Battle. . .Still Not Knowing It: An Open Letter to Hank Hanegraaff, a review of The Mormon Mirage: Seeing Through the Illusion of Mainstream Mormonism by Hank Hanegraaff," FARMS Review 20/1 (2008): 175–194. off-site wiki
  • John W. Welch, in "The 'Decapitation' of Shiz," Insights (November 1994): 2. off-site

Printed material

  • M. Gary Hadfield, "Neuropathology and the Scriptures," Brigham Young University Studies 33 no. 2 (1993), 313–28. GL direct link