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Source(s) of the criticism

  • “Mormonism,” New York Weekly Messenger and Young Men’s Advocate (29 April 1835). Reprinted from The Pioneer (Rock Springs, Illinois), March 1835. off-site
  • Origen Bachelor, Mormonism Exposed Internally and Externally (New York: Privately Published, 1838), 11–12, 14–16. off-site
    The author has an entire section dedicated to "barbarisms" of the "gross violations of the propriety of language" and another on supposed "modernisms."
  • J. Goodson, "Dear Sir," Latter Day Saints' Messenger and Advocate 3 no. 1 (October 1836), 397–99. off-site
  • La Roy Sunderland, “Mormonism,” Zion’s Watchman (New York) 3, no. 7 (17 February 1838) off-site
  • Josiah Priest, American Antiquities, 5th ed. (Albany: Hoffman and White, 1835), 79. off-site
  • S. Williams, Mormonism Exposed (1838), 6. off-site