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Further reading

Further reading

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  • GospeLink Books, Complete List
  • Daniel C. Peterson, “Yet More Abuse of B.H. Roberts,” FARMS Review of Books 9/1 (1997): 69-86. off-site
  • Matthew Roper, “Unanswered Mormon Scholars,” FARMS Review of Books 9/1 (1997) (Note: only pages 98-110 are relevant to the issue of Roberts, but have some salient points not mentioned elsewhere.) off-site
  • "No Sir That’s Not History," off-site
  • "View of the Hebrews: An Un-Parallel," off-site
  • John Welch, “B.H. Roberts Affirms Book of Mormon Antiquity in Newly Released Manuscript” Insights: An Ancient Window 13/6 (November 1993). off-site

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