Book of Mormon/Geography/Models/Limited/Pate 2002

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Model Name Date Proposed Scope Narrow Neck Land North Land South Cumorah River Sidon Nephi's Landing Religion Type of model
Pate 2002 2002 LGT Bridge over Samalá River (Mukulic-ya) at Santa Crúz Muluá, Guatemala Mam Culture, Western Pacific Piedmont of Guatemala Cotzumalhuapa Culture, Southern Pacific Piedmont of Guatemala. Cumarkah (Utatlán) Santa Crúz del Quiché, Guatemala. There are two -- Pantaleon (Alma 2:15) and Michatoya (Alma 16:6), Guatemala Acajutla, El Salvador LDS External with complete internal correlation edit

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE at Publications by Robert A. Pate, PhD include:

  • Book 1: MAPPING THE BOOK OF MORMON: A Comprehensive Geography of Nephite America (2002, Hardbound, 509 pages)
  • Book 2: MORMON NAMES IN MAYA STONE (2009, eBook & Softbound, 146 pages)
  • Book 3: MORMON KEY TO MAYA CODE (Feb. 2012, eBook, 283 pages)
  • Book 4: MORMON FOOTPRINT IN MESOAMERICA (Feb. 2012, eBook, 150 pages)

PDF and maps available at