Book of Mormon/Stick of Ephraim/CriticalSources

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Source(s) of the criticism

  • Contender Ministries, Questions All Mormons Should Ask Themselves. Answers
  • James H. Hunt, Mormonism: Embracing the Origin, Rise and Progress of the Sect (St. Louis: Ustick and Davies, 1844), 81-82. off-site
  • James M’Chesney, An Antidote To Mormonism, revised by G. J. Bennet (New York, NY: Burnett & Pollard, 1838), xxx. off-site Full title
  • One Who Hates Imposture, Mormonism Dissected, or, Knavery “On Two Sticks,” Exposed (Bethania, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: Reuben Chambers, 1841), 18–20. off-site Full title
  • Walter Scott, “Mormon Bible–No. III,” The Evangelist (Carthage, Ohio) 9, no. 3 (1 March 1841): 62–65. off-site
  • H. Stevenson, A Lecture on Mormonism (Newcastle: J. Blackwell and Co., 1839), 3-32. off-site
  • Tower to Truth Ministries, "50 Questions to Ask Mormons," (accessed 15 November 2007). 50 Answers
  • Amos H. Wickersham, An Examination of the Principles of Mormonism (Wilmington, DE: Allderidge, Jeandell, & Miles, 1843), ??. off-site Full title Reply

Past LDS response(s) or usage

  • Book of Mormon Broadside (Palmyra, N. Y.) (1844). off-site
    Advertises in these terms
  • Anon., "Books," Times and Seasons 3 no. 21 (1 September 1842), 908–9. off-site GospeLink (requires subscrip.) off-site
  • George J. Adams, A Lecture on the Authenticity & Scriptural Character of the Book of Mormon (Boston: J. E. Farwell, 1844), 10-14.
  • George J. Adams, "Sectarian Folly and Wickedness Made Manifest. Northampton, 22 June, 1841," Millennial Star 2 no. 3 (July 1841)), 33-37. off-site
  • Julian Moses, A Few Remarks in Reply to an Anonymous Scribbler... (Philadelphia: 1841), 11. off-site Full title
  • Benjamin Winchester, “The Claims of the Book of Mormon Established—It also Defended,” The Gospel Reflector (Philadelphia) 1, no. 6 (15 March 1841): 121–28. off-site
  • Benjamin Winchester, “The Object of a Continuation of Revelation,” The Gospel Reflector (Philadelphia) 1, no. 5 (1 March 1841): 97-120. off-site