Book of Mormon geography/Models/Limited/Goble 2004

Model Name Date Proposed Scope Narrow Neck Land North Land South Cumorah River Sidon Nephi's Landing Religion Type of model
Goble 2004 2004 LGT/HGT Tehuantepec From Tehuantepec Northward Mesoamerica/Preclassic Maya New York Undetermined Undetermined LDS External edit

Edwin Goble was co-author of the book This Land: Zarahemla and the Nephite Nation in 2002. Goble previously believed in the general US Heartland model, that placed Zarahemla in the Midwestern US, and the Cumorah of the Nephite and Jaredite Destructions in New York. Goble later retracted that model, and now believes the Narrow Neck of Land is Tehuantepec, that the Land Southward was in Mesoamerica, and that the Ancient Cumorah is in New York. A statement in the Levi Hancock Journal convinced Goble that Joseph Smith did not believe that Zarahemla was in the United States, and his initial beliefs were built upon that premise. (See book entitled Resurrecting Cumorah)