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Criticisms of Brigham Young

Repudiated concepts: Adam-God theory

Summary: Brigham Young taught that Adam, the first man, was God the Father. Since this teaching runs counter to the story told in Genesis and commonly accepted by Christians, critics accuse Brigham of being a false prophet. Also, because modern Latter-day Saints do not believe Brigham's "Adam-God" teachings, critics accuse Mormons of either changing their teachings or rejecting teachings of prophets they find uncomfortable or unsupportable.

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Brigham as Young Earth Creationist

Summary: Some try to portray Brigham Young as a "young earth creationist" (YEC). This is someone who believes the earth was created in the recent past, usually 6-7,000 years ago, based upon a literal and fundamentalist reading of Genesis. They hope that by making Brigham appear uninformed about scientific matters, they can challenge his status as a prophet.

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Brigham Young and Joseph Smith's First Vision

Summary: It is claimed either that Brigham never taught about the First Vision, or that he taught that the Lord did not appear to Joseph. Both claims are false.

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Brigham Young and the apostles' ability to bear witness of Christ

Summary: It is claimed that Brigham Young and his successors lacked the ability to bear witness of Christ as a true apostle because they had not had divine manifestations.

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Slavery in Utah?

Brigham Young and the Mormon Reformation

Prosecution of Mountain Meadows Massacre

Counterfeiting by Brigham Young and other apostles at Nauvoo?

Brigham announced his own death and resurrection?

Threats against early federal officials?

Women not to meddle?

Whistling and whittling brigades

Urban legend: Was Brigham's hearse used at Disneyland?

Did Brigham Young believe that he would some day become president?

Summary: It is claimed that Brigham believed that one day soon he would himself become president of the United States, or that he would be able to dictate who should become the president.