Chiasmus/Mosiah 5:10-12

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A - whosoever shall not take upon him the name of Christ (man)

B - must be called by some other name (divine)
C - therefore, he findeth himself on the left hand of God (man)
D - And I would that ye should remember also, that this is the name that I said I should give unto you (divine)
E - that never should be blotted out, except it be through transgression (divine)
E' - therefore, take heed that ye do not transgree, that the name be not blotted out of your hearts (man)
D' - I say unto you, I would that ye should remember to retain the name written always in your hearts (man)
C' - that ye are not found on the left hand of God, (divine)
B' - but that ye hear and know the voice by which ye shall be called, (man)

A' - and also, the name by which he shall call you (divine)


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