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Response to "Decker's Complete Handbook on Mormonism"

A FairMormon Analysis of: Decker's Complete Handbook on Mormonism, a work by author: Ed Decker

Response to claims made in Decker's Complete Handbook on Mormonism by Ed Decker

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Reviews of this work

Daniel C. Peterson, "P. T. Barnum Redivivus"

Daniel C. Peterson,  Review of Books on the Book of Mormon, (1995)
This is not, as one would have expected, an indescribably horrid book. It is merely a very, very bad one, and the credit for its improvement must surely belong to the editorial staff at Harvest House. The dedicated anti-Mormons Jerald and Sandra Tanner have noted "Ed Decker's ability to make up stories," "his ability to fabricate evidence to support his own opinions," and his choice of "the path of sensationalism in his work on Mormonism."3 They are not alone. Decker's activities as a professional opponent of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have been highly visible (and audible) for years, and he has bestowed upon the world such signal contributions as "Ex-Mormons for Jesus" and the movie The God Makers. Thus experienced students of his astounding career will easily recognize Decker's hoofprints throughout this volume. But his usual mendacity is relatively subdued.

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