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A FairMormon Analysis of:
A work by author: Anonymous

A FairMormon Analysis of FutureMissionary page "No Investigators, No Dinner"


The positions that the FutureMissionary article "No Investigators, No Dinner" appears to take are the following:

  • That mission rules prevent missionaries from obtaining adequate meals due to a "no investigator, no dinner" policy.
  • That "If your mission is one that skips dinner, be sure to keep a close eye on your physical as well as mental wellness. Let your mission president know immediately if your health starts to fail as a result of this rule." We believe that a better approach would be to simply eat something.


The author(s) of make(s) the following claim:

The website claims that "more and more missionaries seem to be going home hungry. This is a result of the 'No investigators, no dinner' policy."

FairMormon Response

  • There is no such thing as a universal "no investigators, no dinner" policy. Each mission president can create his own rules.
  • This seems to be a result of the author's own experience on a mission in Brazil. Lunch is the large daily meal, and "dinner," as we experience it in the United States, doesn't exist.
  • A missionary is never prohibited from buying their own food if they are hungry.

The author(s) of make(s) the following claim:

The website implies some sort of brainwashed culture of obedience that is so strong that a missionary will let himself starve. The author states "It’s natural to feel pressure to be obedient, but it’s important to remember that your health comes first."

FairMormon Response

  • If you don't have a dinner appointment, then buy something to eat. If you are fasting, then don't fast to the point of exhaustion.
  • Of course, fasting is a principle that is taught for a specific purpose, but there is no such thing as a mission rule that requires missionaries to starve themselves to the point of sacrificing their health as an incentive to seek out investigators.