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A FairMormon Analysis of:
What's With the Dudes at the Door?:
A work by author: Kevin Johnson and James R. White

What's With the Dudes at the Door? cuts to the heart of the cults issue by giving teens practical, easy-to-understand tips on how to spot cultic practices and doctrine, no matter how attractive and Christian the package when the cults come knocking. A terrific book no teen should be without!
— Publisher's product description
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"How would you like it if people constantly lied about you, telling others you're something you're really not? And what if you had to watch people misinterpret and dislike you based on a pack of falsehoods?"
—Johnson and White, p. 34.
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"...your goal isn't to bash what they believe."
—Johnson and White, p. 150

Inflammatory language

  • "[Cults] follow fake faiths. Goofed-up gospels." (p.12)
  • "...they don't know the real God of Christianity." (p.12)
  • "...deadly snakes...the ones that wrap around your neck, that drop from trees, that gnaw you to nothing. Or murder you with one fang." (p.12)
  • "That doesn't mean that cults don't slither in the grass...[or] make their bites any less spiritually deadly." (p.13)
  • "...weirdo cults...on the news - the ones that more or less kidnap people and vacuum out their brains." (p.13)
  • "[Speaking of cults at your door] But they also sound like vacuum cleaner salesmen - the harmless vroom-vroom-get-the-dirt-out-of-your-carpet kind, not the hazardous brain-suctioning kind. If that's what you think, think again - while you still possess your brain." (p.13)
  • "Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses are the two largest counterfeit Christian groups in the world." (p.14)
  • "What cults teach, spiritually speaking, is an eternal enchilada short of a Tex-Mex combo." (p.17)
  • "...their beliefs can't be called Christian." (p. 26)
  • "Cults bring spiritual death to those who cling to their misshaped gods." (p.36)
  • "...those guys had a spiritual death ray fixed on your forehead." (p.42)
  • "...grossly moldy Heresy Hotdish." (p.45)
  • "The scariest cults browbeat you and give you a cyanide-punch gargle. The smoothest cults deceive you with sweetness - a toothy little bit country, little bit rock 'n roll," (p. 50)
  • "Cults abuse and misuse Bible teachings..." (p.67)
  • "...Mormons...the cultists you're most likely to run into." (p.74)
  • "It sounds wacko..." (p.88)
  • Women can't "apply for membership in this Future Gods of the Universe club." (p. 90)
  • "No one can stop cultic groups from offering funky versions of God." (p.111)
  • "However weird or wonderful they may look on the outside, cults are all spiritually deadly. They swallow you whole. They digest you down to the bone and then dispose of your soul." (p.132)
  • "That's the shot you need to kill the faith-eating bacteria of the cults." (p. 141)

Reviews of this work

  • Malcolm Ross, "What's With The Duds We Abhor?, a review of What's With the Dudes at the Door? by James White and Kevin Johnson," FAIR. off-site


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