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Response/commentary Isaiah 48-52 Isaiah 48/1 Nephi 20 Isaiah 48:7 shows that the Lord’s works continue and are not a case of winding up the universe and letting it run down. 20:11 “I will not give my glory to another.” 5-7 discuss idolatry and this is a focus of the chapter. The Lord will not be replaced with an idol. 48:10 talks about being refined in the furnace of affliction something which presupposes that it is an extended process rather than merely a one time event.

Isaiah 49 Talks about the lord’s role in the gathering of the house of Israel, which is yet present and future, thus establishing that the lord is still actively engaged in working with the children of men

50 Cool chapter but didn’t find it apologetic on most of the usual topics

51 Talks about the establishment of Zion in the last days, which again speaks to the continuing work of the Lord. Taken together with the rest of the chapter verses 1 and 2 suggest that this will happen in association with the Abrahamic covenant.

52 In conjunction with the latter-day establishment of Zion, Isaiah mentions being clean in conjunction with bearing the vessels of the Lord, temple imagery.

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