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Source(s) of the criticism

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  • Philander Chase, A Pastoral Letter of Bishop Chase, to the Clergy of His Diocese of Illinois (1843), 1-8. off-site
    This episcopalian bishop declares Mormons to be heretics; declares their baptism is invalid, unlike other Christian faiths.
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  • Norman Geisler, founder of Southern Evangelical Seminary, cited in Elise Soukup, "The Mormon Odyssey," Newsweek (17 October 2005) off-site
    "There is no rightful claim by historic Mormon doctrine to the name Christian, because they deny almost every one of the major fundamental doctrines of Christendom."
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  • Parley P. Pratt, "Reply to the Preston Chronicle," Millennial Star 2 no. 3 (July 1841), 42-43. off-site
    Pratt mentions that this false claim had been made.
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