Journal of Discourses/4

Journal of Discourses
Volume 4
(Online document scan of Journal of Discourses, Volume 4)

Journal of Discourses Volume 4

BY: BRIGHAM YOUNG President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints











We have the satisfaction of offering to the Saints and the public the Fourth Volume of the Journal of Discourses.

It would be altogether gratuitous and uncalled-for, on our part, to write a commendatory preface to the Discourses of the First Presidency and Twelve Apostles of this Church. To the Saints their words are as the words of God, their teachings fraught with heavenly wisdom, and their directions leading to salvation and eternal lives.

We believe that the present Volume is the most important of any yet placed in the hands of the Saints. It contains Discourses, Remarks, and Exhortations, delivered at the time of the great Reformation among the Saints in Zion. It shows the noble and mighty efforts of the authorities to purify the children of Zion, and prepare them for the great day of redemption. It is the written embodiment of the fire of the Almighty that burned in His Prophets and Apostles at that momentous epoch in the history of the Latter-day Church. The influence of that Reformation was felt by heaven, earth, and hell. It called down power and blessings from the celestial world to rest upon the Anointed Ones. It strengthened the union of the Saints, and added brightness to their faith. It made Satan and his hosts rage and tremble.

Besides those delivered at the Reformation, the Fourth Volume contains Discourses and Remarks full of new ideas, improved schemes relative to emigration and other matters, and counsel and instructions suitable to the advanced and peculiar conditon of the people, and the development of the work of the last days. Moreover, throughout the whole Volume, we see signs that the day of God's power is at hand, and that the fire of the Almighty is proceeding forth from the leaders of Israel.

To complete the present Volume, we have been under the necessity of introducing Discourses reported by J. V. Long, which are distinguished in the Index by an asterisk (*).


  1. The Saints Should Prepare for Future Emergencies—Evil Spirits—Their Power and Organization—The Chain of the Priesthood—Angels are Ministering Spirits by Heber C. Kimball (1-7)
  2. A Prayer by Jedediah M. Grant (7-9)
  3. A Visit, by P. P. Pratt, to the Southern Settlements—The Power of the Priesthood—Union Among the Saints—A Miracle by Parley P. Pratt (9-15)
  4. Why the Saints Rejoice—The Spirit Received Through Laying on of Hands—Cleanliness by Jedediah M. Grant (15-20)
  5. The Holy Ghost Necessary in Preaching—Faith—Healing the Sick—The Saints’ Interests are One—All of Our Efforts Should Tend to the Upbuilding of the Kingdom of God by Brigham Young (20-32)
  6. Testimony to the Divinity of Joseph Smith’s Mission—Elders Should go Their Missions Without Purse or Scrip—The Lord Deals with the Saints—Jesus Their President—Satan Angry by Brigham Young (33-42)
  7. A Call for an Expression of the Condition of the People—Repentance Among the Saints Necessary—Renewing of Covenants by Brigham Young (43-45)
  8. Application of the Words of Helaman to the Condition of the Latter-day Saints by Heber C. Kimball (45-49)
  9. Rebuking Iniquity by Jedediah M. Grant (49-51)
  10. The People of God Disciplined by Trials—Atonement by the Shedding of Blood—Our Heavenly Father—A Privilege Given to all the Married Sisters in Utah by Brigham Young (51-57)
  11. Reformation Necessary Among the Saints—Infidel Philosophy by Brigham Young (58-63)
  12. Effects of a Murmuring Spirit, etc. by Heber C. Kimball (64-66)
  13. Counsel Concerning Immigration—Benefits to be derived from an Early Start—Crossing the Plains with Hand-carts, etc. by Brigham Young (66-70)
  14. Companies on the Plains—Practicability of Hand-carts—The Time for Starting from Missouri River—Reformation, etc. by Jedediah M. Grant (70-75)
  15. The Gospel Like a Net Cast Into the Sea—Good and Bad in the Church—Embrace Principles in Your Faith, not Men—Confess Only to Those Against Whom You have Sinned—Economize the Gifts of God, etc. by Brigham Young (75-80)
  16. Persons Not to be Baptized Until They Repent and make Restitution—All Sin to be Repented of Before Partaking of the Sacrament, etc. by Heber C. Kimball (80-83)
  17. Hypocrisy Reproved—Family Government, etc. by Jedediah M. Grant (83-87)
  18. The Emigrant Saints—Children More Susceptible of Tuition than Adults by Heber C. Kimball (88-89)
  19. Temptations and Trials Necessary to Exaltation—If the Saints Perform Their Obligations, the Lord Will Not Fail in His—Hand-cart Emigration Preferable to that by Ox-teams by Brigham Young (89-94)
  20. The Facilities Afforded by the Hand-cart Movement for the Gathering of Israel—The Saints Specially Opposed by the Devil in any New Enterprise—Reformation by Wilford Woodruff (94-100)
  21. The Hand-cart Emigration—Opinions of the Emigrants Concerning it—Females Endure the Journey Better than Males, etc. by Brigham Young (101-105)
  22. Emigration—The Saints Warned to Repent or Judgements will come Upon Them by Heber C. Kimball (105-110)
  23. The Emigrating Saints were Prompted by the Spirit of God by Brigham Young (111)
  24. Discord at Meetings Rebuked—A Text for Speakers at the Conference—Subject for the People—A Call for Mules, Horses, Wagons, Teamsters, Flour, etc. by Brigham Young (112-114)
  25. The Hand-cart Enterprise—Returning Missionaries—Exhortation to the Saints to Rescue the Brethren and sisters on the Plains, etc. by Franklin D. Richards (114-119)
  26. God is our Father; Joseph Smith His Representative on the Earth; Brigham Young Joseph’s Legal Successor—Call for Teams to Meet Emigrants by Heber C. Kimball (119-122)
  27. Those Who are in Darkness Cannot Discern the Light—Exhortations to Male and Female to Seek After the Light of the Holy Ghose—Women who Leave Their Husbands, etc. by Jedediah M. Grant (122-129)
  28. On the Death of President Jedediah M. Grant by Brigham Young (129-134)
  29. Remarks at the Funeral of President Jedediah M. Grant by Heber C. Kimball (135-138)
  30. Reformation—A Test at Hand to Prove the Saints by Heber C. Kimball (138-145)
  31. The People Asleep—Those Holding the Priesthood must Magnify Their Callings or be Removed—The Saints to be Tried Even Unto Death by Wilford Woodruff (146-150)
  32. Overcome the Powers of Darkness by Prayer—Spiritual Things First in Importance—Cleanliness by Jedediah M. Grant (150-153)
  33. The Saints Have Not Magnified Their Callings as Saviours of the Living and the Dead—Oneness—Practical Repentance by Lorenzo Snow (154-159)
  34. Offers of Mercy—The Great Dispensation in Which we Live by Franklin D. Richards (159-164)
  35. The Body of Christ—Parable of the Vine—A Wild Enthusiastic Spirit Not of God—The Saints Should Not Unwisely Expose Each Others’ Follies by Heber C. Kimball (164-181)
  36. Man Must Use His Energies and Cultivate the Gifts of God—Necessity of Following Counsel—Reformation Must be Intrinsic and Not a Matter of Excitement by Lorenzo Snow (181-187)
  37. Exhortation to Cleanliness—Many of the Saints Spiritually Dead by Jedediah M. Grant (188-189)
  38. Necessity of Obeying the Instructions and Revelations Given—The Importance of Obtaining the Holy Ghost—The Labours of the Saints are for Their own Salvation, and not to Enrich the Lord by Wilford Woodruff (189-193)
  39. Prophets Weep Because of the Sins of the People—One Generation Should Improve Upon the Experience of Another—Many Set Their Hearts on Perishable Things—Provisions are Made for the Exaltation of All—The Spirit Should Rule the Flesh—Limited Knowledge of Man—Phenomenon of Forgetfulness—Natural Philosophy—Emigration by Brigham Young (194-206)
  40. The Presidency—The Continuance of the Head with the body Depends on the Faithfulness of the Members—Men when They Die Cannot Take Their Earthly Possessions with Them—Elders Going on Missions with Hand-carts—The Vineyard, A Parable by Heber C. Kimball (207-213)
  41. A Dream—Wheat and the Chaff—Way of Escape from Tribulation—Necessity of Consecration by Orson Hyde (213-215)
  42. To Know God is Eternal Life—God the Father of Our Spirits and Bodies—Things Created Spiritually First—Atonement by the Shedding of Blood by Brigham Young (215-221)
  43. The Ax That Is Laid at the Root of the Tree—Regeneration—Products of Polygamy, a Numerous Offspring, etc. by Heber C. Kimball (221-226)
  44. Intelligence Comes From God—Seek First the Kingdom of God—Great Changes to Take Place on the Earth—Israel of the Last Days—Why the Jews Cannot be Converted by Wilford Woodruff (227-233)
  45. The Parable of the Sower—The Priesthood Reaches Behind the Vail—How Intolerable it Will be for Those Who Apostatize—Popularity of Governor Young Compared with that of the Rulers of the Nations—The Kingdoms of This World, etc. by Daniel H. Wells (234-238)
  46. Union of the Saints—The World is Trained to be Selfish—We are Dependent Upon Christ and Each Other—Individual Exertion Necessary to Accomplish the Purposes of God by Lorenzo Snow (238-246)
  47. Obedience Produces Confidence—Consecration—Concentration of Interests, etc. by Heber C. Kimball (247-252)
  48. Misapplication of the Term Sacrifice—The Saints are Gainers by the Work of God—Resistance of Evil—Degeneracy—The Way of Regeneration—How to Treat Our Wives by Daniel H. Wells (253-257)
  49. Man the Head of Woman—Kingdom of God—The Seed of Christ—Polygamy—Society in Utah by Orson Hyde (257-263)
  50. Necessity for Reformation a Disgrace—Intelligence a Gift, Increased by Imparting—Spirit of God—Variety in Spiritual as Well as in Natural Organizations—God the Father of the Spirits of All Mankind, etc. by Brigham Young (264-272)
  51. Departed Spirits Continue with the Dispositions they Possessed on Earth—The Order and Necessary Unity of the Priesthood Illustrated—Counsel to the Married by Heber C. Kimball (273-279)
  52. Our Relatives, Those Who do the Will of God—The Elders Should be as Fathers and Shepherds in Israel, and not as Masters—Self-confidence, and the Way to Obtain it—The Prophet Joseph not yet Resurrected—Preaching to the Spirits in Prison, etc. by Brigham Young (279-291)
  53. The “Deseret News,” Its Value—Worth and Virtue of Sacred Relics—Resurrection—Confidence in Our Leaders by Heber C. Kimball (292-295)
  54. He That Loveth Not His Brother Loveth Not God—If We Have Not Confidence in Our Leaders We Shall Not Have it in a Higher Power—The Church Holds the Keys of Salvation—The Providences of God to the Saints by Brigham Young (295-302)
  55. Object of the Express Carrying Company—Why Success Attends the Ministerial Labours of Some Elders, and not Those of Others—Counsel to Store up Grain Enough to Last Seven Years by Brigham Young (302-308)
  56. Indebtedness to the P.E. Fund—Public Works—True Prosperity—Dependence on the Lord—Self-consecration by Daniel H. Wells (308-311)
  57. The Power and Importance of Economy—Domestic Extravagance and Mismanagement, with Their Bad Results by Brigham Young (312-320)
  58. The Latter-day Work—Necessity of an Inspired Leader to Stand at the Head of Israel, etc, and to Dictate in Spiritual and Temporal Affairs by Wilford Woodruff (320-323)
  59. Journey to the North—Unanimity and Peaceful Order of the Company—Geographical Character of the Country Traversed—Good Condition and Blessings of the Saints in Zion by Brigham Young (323-327)
  60. Journey to the North—Folly of Expecting to Sit at Ease in Zion—Progression—The Nations Under God’s Control—Prosperity of the Saints—Power of Brigham Young—The Gospel Alphabet by Heber C. Kimball (328-331)
  61. Result of the Delegation to Congress for the Admission of Utah as a State—Condition of Society in the States—Return of Apostates by George A. Smith (331-333)
  62. Utility of Correction—Necessity of Living Our Religion—Our Own Character Affecting Posterity—The Saints Blessed Above all Other People—Result of Rebellion Against Authority, etc. by Heber C. Kimball (334-340)
  63. Practical Religion—Simplicity—Temporal Salvation—Advantages of Utah as a Settlement for the Saints—False Reports, etc. by Brigham Young (341-346)
  64. The Constitution of the United States Guarantees all we Ask—Hollow Gentility—Power of the “Mormon” Leaders—Government Corruption by Brigham Young (347-352)
  65. Privileges Better Appreciated by Absence—Present Salvation by Charles C. Rich (353-354)
  66. Comprehensiveness of True Religion—Sacrifice for the Kingdom of God—The Saints Should be Superior to the World in All Things—Trust in God, etc. by Brigham Young (354-360)
  67. The Fountain of Truth and the Fountain of Lies—The Work of God Cannot be Impeded—Oneness in the Priesthood—Election—Self-Justification—Spirit of Humility by Heber C. Kimball (360-365)
  68. Opposition to the Priesthood, etc. by Heber C. Kimball (366-367)
  69. Exchange of Feeling and Sentiment Produces Mutual Confidence—Necessity of Cultivating a Child-like Spirit—Devotedness of the Saints in Utah Towards the Work of God—God Will Take Care of His Own Work, etc. by Brigham Young (367-374)
  70. Limits of Forbearance—Apostates—Economy—Giving Endowments by Heber C. Kimball (374-376)