Journal of Discourses/10

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Journal of Discourses
Volume 10
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Journal of Discourses Volume 10












We have the satisfaction of again presenting to the Saints and the public another Volume of the Journal of Discourses.

The present Number completes the tenth Volume, and we expect it will prove as interesting and instructive as the former have done. It would be a work of supererogation to pen a preface upon the writings or sermons of the First Presidency or the Twelve Apostles, they speak for themselves; but, we can only say that as every day seems to increase the prosperity of Zion, and crown with success the labors of the Servants of God, the present Volume, containing as it does many discourses on Temporal and Spiritual improvements, the development of the Work, &c., ought to prove a valuable acquisition to all those who love the truth, and long for the redemption of scattered Israel.


  1. Eternal Existence of Man—Foreknowledge and Predestination by Brigham Young (1-6)
  2. Enjoyment of Liberty Under the Kingdom of God by Daniel H. Wells (7-9)
  3. Fulfilment of Prophecy—Power of the Gospel—Consistency of its Principles by Wilford Woodruff (9-17)
  4. Never Ending Character of a Saints' Mission. Organization of the Kingdom of God by Brigham Young (17-23)
  5. Future State of Existence by Brigham Young (24-25)
  6. Design of the Lord in Gathering Together his People. Wisdom and Economy in Domestic Affairs by Brigham Young (25-31)
  7. Bishops and Presidents by Orson Hyde (31-32)
  8. Forming a State Constitution—Raising Agricultural Products—True Riches by Brigham Young (32-36)
  9. Power Accompanying the Faithful Elders by John Taylor (36-37)
  10. Constitutional Powers of the Congress of the United States—Growth of the Kingdom of God by Brigham Young (38-42)
  11. Practical Religion--Instruction to Elders Going on Missions by Heber C. Kimball (43-47)
  12. Trusting in the Almighty by Orson Hyde (47-49)
  13. Vastness of the Wisdom and Intelligence of God. Impotency of Man to Govern Righteously by John Taylor (49-58)
  14. Necessity of Understanding the First Principles of the Gospel—Of Union among the Priesthood, and Attention to Temporal Duties by George A. Smith (59-64)
  15. Gratitude for the Blessings of the Gospel by Ezra T. Benson (65-66)
  16. The Privilege of the Saints to Enjoy the Spirit of Prophecy by George A. Smith (66-69)
  17. How to Obtain a Part in the Kingdom of God—Assisting the Poor to Emigrate—Classifying Labor—The Times we Live in by Orson Hyde (70-75)
  18. Our Duties to God Paramount to All Other Obligations—Danger of Speculation by Heber C. Kimball (75-78)
  19. God Alone Bestows the Evidences of his Divine Interpositions—Opposition to the Kingdom of God. Coming Events by Orson Hyde (79-83)
  20. The Object of Gathering—The Happy Effects of Obedience to the Gospel—The Means by which the Kingdom of God is to be Established on the Earth by Amasa M. Lyman (83-90)
  21. Present Opportunities of Obtaining a Knowledge of the Principles of Truth—Importance of Improving Them by Charles C. Rich (90-95)
  22. Authority of Bishops—Branch Organizations—Assisting the Mail and Telegraph Companies by Brigham Young (96-98)
  23. Obedience to Counsel—The Beautifying and Building up of Zion by Ezra T. Benson (99-100)
  24. How to Gain Eternal Life—The Gathering of the Saints and the Agency by which it is to be Accomplished—Angels—Who and What are They by Heber C. Kimball (100-104)
  25. The Persecutions of the Saints—Their Loyalty to the Constitution—The Mormon Battalion—The Laws of God Relative to the African Race by Brigham Young (104-111)
  26. All Nationalities Merged in the Kingdom of God—The Unity and Happiness of the Saints by Orson Hyde (112-113)
  27. Reflections on the Sacrament, the Atonement and the Second Coming of Jesus by John Taylor (113-120)
  28. The Importance of the Mission to the Cotton Country by George A. Smith (121-122)
  29. The Discord and Wars among Christian Nations Contrasted with the Unity of the Saints by John Taylor (123-133)
  30. The Great Blessings Enjoyed by the People in Deseret—The Gathering of the Saints—Proper Training of Children by Daniel H. Wells (133-139)
  31. Building the Temple and a New Tabernacle—Labor Tithing—Call for Faithful Laborers by Daniel H. Wells (139-143)
  32. Missionary Fund—Support of the Families of Elders who are on Missions by George A. Smith (143-145)
  33. The Blessings the Saints will Enjoy—How the Kingdom of God is to be Established—Building Temples, Tabernacles and Houses—Gathering the Poor by John Taylor (145-151)
  34. Practical Duties of the Saints—Blessings Resulting From Their Performance by Ezra T. Benson (151-154)
  35. Destruction of Babylon, etc.|Destruction of Babylon—How the Saints Are to Become Saviors of the World by Orson Hyde (155-159)
  36. Building the Temple—General Duties of the Saints by Charles C. Rich (160-163)
  37. Building the Temple—Endowments—Counsel to Missionaries, Etc. by Heber C. Kimball (163-169)
  38. How and By Whom Zion is to Be Built—Sanctification— General Duties of the Saints by Brigham Young (170-178)
  39. Advice to Missionaries—Preaching the Gospel— Gathering the Poor, Etc. by Amasa M. Lyman (178-187)
  40. Knowledge, Correctly Applied, the True Source of Wealth and Power—Unity of Jesus and His Father—Miracles— Slavery—True Charity, Etc. by Brigham Young (187-195)
  41. Universal Salvation—the Blessings Enjoyed By the Saints in Zion, Etc. by Daniel H. Wells (195-200)
  42. Home Manufactures—the Necessity of Greater Attention to Them—Tithing by Brigham Young (200-208)
  43. Domestic Economy—the Kingdom of God—Building the Temple—Tithing, Etc. by Brigham Young (208-214)
  44. Inspiration Necessary for the Preaching of the Gospel—Value of Our Present Life, Etc. by Wilford Woodruff (214-220)
  45. Instruction to the Latter-Day Saints, in the Settlements South of Great Salt Lake City by Brigham Young (221-229)
  46. Advice to California Emigrants—the Principles of the Gospel, Etc. by Brigham Young (229-232)
  47. Advancement of the Saints—Unity of the Temporal and Spiritual Interests of the People—Faith and Works Inseperably Connected, Etc. by Heber C. Kimball (233-238)
  48. The Young Missionaries—Increasing Unbelief of the People of the World—Teachings of Jesus and His Disciples, Etc. by Heber C. Kimball (239-247)
  49. Necessity for Watchfulness—the Proper Course to Pursue Towards Strangers—Selling Flour and Grain—the War and Its Effects Upon Slavery by Brigham Young (248-250)
  50. Tithing—Building Temples—Gold, Its Production and Uses—Gover[n]mental Policy Towards Utah—Providing Bread for the Poor by Brigham Young (251-256)
  51. The Confidence of the Saints in the Ultimate Triumph of the Kingdom of God—the Condition of the Nations by John Taylor (257-261)
  52. The Wisdom of God Through His Servants—Missionaries' Families to Be Sustained—How to Be Prospered by Orson Hyde (261-264)
  53. Our Relationship and Duty to God and His Kingdom—the True Source of the Prosperity and Wealth of Individuals and Nations, and How to Obtain Them—Counsel to the Saints by Brigham Young (265-274)
  54. Temporal and Spiritual Affairs—God the Source of All Intelligence—the Governments of the Earth—the Hand of God to Be Acknowledged in All Things, Etc. by John Taylor (274-281)
  55. Paying Tithing—Fasting and Prayer—Keeping the Sabbath Holy—Selling Grain—the Judgments of God, Etc. by Brigham Young (282-288)
  56. The Intended Trip North—the Causes of the Scarcity of Breadstuff—the Sufferings of the Ungodly in the United States—the Popularity of the Gospel Undesirable by Brigham Young (289-298)
  57. The Earth the Home of Man—the Work to Be Accomplished By Man Towards Redeeming the World—the Restoration of the Gospel, and the Acknowledgment By God of His Servants, Etc. by Brigham Young (299-306)
  58. Turning Out the Water of the Weber—the Sufferings of the Saints—the Desires of the Servants of God to Bless the People—the Blessings of the Lord to Israel—Endowments, Etc. by Brigham Young (307-314)
  59. Necessity of Teaching—Overruling Power of God—the Lack of Wisdom Manifested By the World—Necessity of Teaching the Saints Upon Temporal Affairs, Etc. by Brigham Young (314-317)
  60. Difference of Ideas Entertained Respecting God—the Foundation of Our Religion Based Upon New Revelation—Man Made in the Image of God—We Are the Offspring of God, Etc. by Brigham Young (318-327)
  61. Love for the Things of God—the Temporal Nature of the Kingdom—the Proper Use of Grain—the Love of God Should Rule in Every Heart, Etc. by Brigham Young (328-338)
  62. Necessity of a Living Testimony of the Holy Ghost—How We Are to Be United, Etc. by Brigham Young (339-340)
  63. The Increase of Faith Among the Saints—More Implicit in Their Obedience Now Than in the Days of Joseph—Comparisons Made By Men Between the Past and the Present—the Magnitude of the Work of God, Etc. by George Q. Cannon (340-348)
  64. Attending Meetings—Testifying to the Gospel—Preaching and Practice—All Blessings to Be Obtained Through Obedience to the Gospel, Etc. by Brigham Young (349-352)
  65. Necessity of Continued and Faithful Labor—Kingly Nature of the Priesthood—Power Attainable Through It—Condition of the Nations Contrasted With that of the Saints—Future Glory and Greatness of the Kingdom of God by Brigham Young (353-357)
  66. Temporal and Spiritual Duties of the Saints—Benefits Resulting From Proper Parental Authority—Connection Betwixt Temporal and Spiritual Things,—Character of Joseph the Prophet—All Blessings From the Lord by Brigham Young (358-365)
  67. Knowledge of the Saints a Cause of Consolation Under Affliction—Children Heirs to the Kingdom of God—Power of the Gospel to Unite Parents and Children—Blessings of Obedience, Etc. by Brigham Young (365-372)
  68. Importance of the Present Age to the Saints—Analogy Betwixt the History of Joseph in Egypt, and the Persecutions of the Church—Future Greatness of the People of God by Orson Hyde (373-376)