Journal of Discourses/12

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Journal of Discourses
Volume 12
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Journal of Discourses Volume 12












EACH discourse in this the XIIth volume of the "Journal" commends itself to thoughtful perusal, being plain, practical, and of much worth to all who desire to keep pace with the progress of truth.

While Zion is so rapidly and prosperously lengthening her cords and strengthening her stakes, it behooves all to be acquainted with the teachings pertaining to her advancement and the perfecting of the Saints; and inasmuch as the affords such excellent facilities for an acquaintance with those teachings, it is both desired and expected that the lovers of truth and of their own best interests will at all times sustain its publication and profit by its perusal so far as may be in their power.


  1. Schools and School Teachers—Tithing, etc. by Daniel H. Wells (1-3)
  2. Labor to Build up the Kingdom by C. C. Rich (3-5)
  3. Prosperity of Southern Utah by George A. Smith (6-10)
  4. The Pleasure and Trials of Missionary Labors—Improvement in the South—Every Gospel Principle Righteous and Essential by Wilford Woodruff (11-15)
  5. Necessity of Union and Obedience to Counsel by George Q. Cannon (15-18)
  6. Every Saint on a Mission by Brigham Young (18-20)
  7. Instructions to Missionaries by John Taylor (20-23)
  8. Kindness the True Spirit of Instruction and Government by George A. Smith (24-26)
  9. The Word of Wisdom by Brigham Young (27-31)
  10. Education—Employment of Females by Brigham Young (31-32)
  11. General Instructions to Missionaries Going Abroad by Brigham Young (33-39)
  12. Remarks on Revelation, Missionary Fund, Word of Wisdom, etc. by George Q. Cannon (40-47)
  13. Trip to Southern Utah—The Works and Faith of the Saints by John Taylor (47-49)
  14. Our Delegate to Congress—The Word of Wisdom—The Union Pacific Railroad—Spiritual Ignorance of Popular Preachers by Brigham Young (50-55)
  15. The Priesthood to Dictate in Temporal As Well As Spiritual Things—Inconsistency of An Equal Division of Property—Let Apostates Alone by Brigham Young (56-64)
  16. How Divisions Were Introduced into the Christian World—The Gospel Perfect, but its Teachers Imperfect—The Priesthood and its Restoration by Brigham Young (64-70)
  17. Joseph Smith Taught By Revelation—The Gospel Reasonable and Consistent—The Lord Works Through Simple Instruments—Mormonism Full of Charityby D.H. Wells (71-78)
  18. Condition of the World and of the Saints—God Has Commenced to Regenerate the World By Revealing the Gospel: Its Purity and Its Union—President Young a Benefactor to the Human Family by John Taylor (79-83)
  19. Experience in Missionary Labors—Ancient Prophecies Concerning the People of God in the Last Days by Orson Pratt (84-93)
  20. Condition of Apostates—The Young Men of the Saints—Bible Christians—Mormon Battalion—His Testimony to Strangers—Council to Mothers and Daughters on Polygamy by Brigham Young (93-98)
  21. The Witness of the Spirit—How to Continue to Be Sons of God—Necessity of Prayer by Brigham Young (99-103)
  22. The Witness of the Spirit—Bishops Should Be Examples—The Saints not Ignorant by Brigham Young (104-108)
  23. The Saints a Peculiar People—Gathering of the Poor From Europe by Brigham Young Jr.
  24. Salvation—All Knowledge the Result of Revelation—Freedom of the Kingdom of God—How to Care for the Poor by Brigham Young (111-116)
  25. The Word of Wisdom—Degeneracy—Wickedness in the United States—How to Prolong Life by Brigham Young (117-123)
  26. Saints Improving Slowly—Guidance of the Spirit and Dictation of the Priesthood—Fasting and Gathering the Poor by Brigham Young (123-129)
  27. Good Spirit of the People South by John Taylor (129-131)
  28. Eternal Life—How To Find Out The Truth—The Sacrament—Exhortation to The Young by D.H. Wells (131-138)
  29. Education—Phonetics—Storing Up Grain—Home Manufactures by George A. Smith (138-145)
  30. Necessity of Performing the Duties Required of Us and Not Those Required of Others—All Should Become More Spiritually Minded by Lorenzo Snow (146-148)
  31. Proneness of Mankind to Go Astray by George A. Smith (149-151)
  32. Liberty of the Saints—Why They Are Gathered—Object of the “Word of Wisdom.” by Brigham Young (151-157)
  33. School of The Prophets—Improvement of Provo City—Litigation—Injudicious Trading by Brigham Young (157-160)
  34. Object of the Gathering—Necessity of a Temple—Trials of The Saints—Sealing—Visit to Provo by Brigham Young (161-167)
  35. How to Prepare for the Coming of the Son of Man—Saints Delight to Do the Will of God—Proper Direction of Labor and Talent—Children of the Saints Heirs to the Priesthood by Brigham Young (167-174)
  36. Condition of the Saints in Great Britain by George A. Smith (175-176)
  37. Life and Health—Matrimony—Education—Home Productions by Erastus Snow (176-179)
  38. The Death of President Heber C. Kimball by Brigham Young, John Taylor, George A. Smith, George Q. Cannon and Daniel H. Wells (179-187)
  39. Forbearance to Each Other—Necessity of Reading the Bible and Book of Mormon—Counsel to the Young Brethren by Heber C. Kimball (188-191)
  40. Necessity of Obeying Counsel—Reformation in Eating and Drinking—Improvements—Female Relief Societies—Chastity by Brigham Young (192-196)
  41. Importance of Observing the Sabbath Day—Emigration of the Poor—Fish Culture—Producing Silk by George A. Smith (196-200)
  42. Domestic Economy—Training Children—Cultivation of Silk—Application of Labor—Longevity by Brigham Young (200-205)
  43. The True Church of Christ—the Living Testimony—Word of Wisdom by Brigham Young (205-210)
  44. The Gathering—Practical Duties—Emigration of the Poor—Mission to St. Joseph by Erastus Snow (211-216)
  45. Evidences that the Saints Love and Serve God—How to Build Up Zion—Taking Care of Grain by Brigham Young (217-221)
  46. Word of Wisdom—Fish Culture—Dietetics by George Q. Cannon (221-226)
  47. The Object of Gathering—Practical Religion—the Love of God—Our Covenants by Brigham Young (226-232)
  48. Necessity of Living Near to the Lord—Neglected Duties—Cultivation of the Soil—Sustaining the Poor by D.H. Wells (232-238)
  49. Education—Recreation—Necessity of Obeying Counsel by Brigham Young (238-245)
  50. The Lord's Supper—Antiquity of the Gospel—The Apostasy—The Restoration by Orson Pratt (245-254)
  51. The Gospel a Perfect System—Evidence that the Latter-day Saints have Received the Holy Spirit—Plural Marriage by Brigham Young (255-263)
  52. Necessity of An Inspired Leader in the Church—Christianity and Paganism—Authority by George A. Smith (263-269)
  53. The Value of Attending Meetings—Gentile or Gentilism—Isolation—Preaching—Zion by Brigham Young (269-274)
  54. The Gospel of Jesus Christ—Essential to Abide its Laws by Wilford Woodruff (275-281)
  55. Salvation Temporal and Spiritual—Self-Sustaining—Civilization by Brigham Young (281-289)
  56. Self-Sustaining—Persecutions—Outside Influence by George Q. Cannon (289-297)
  57. Southern Missions—Deseret Alphabet—Relief Societies—Home Manufactures by Brigham Young (297-301)
  58. The Opposition of Wickedness to Righteousness—Persecutions of the Saints—Miss-representations by Orson Pratt (302-307)
  59. Preaching the Gospel—Disobedience and Persecution—Exclusiveness—The Search After Happiness by Brigham Young (308-316)
  60. The Joy and Happiness Imparted by the Gospel—Sectarian and Revealed Religion—Oneness the Order of God by Orson Pratt (316-323)
  61. Reflections on the Gospel of Christ—Intelligence and Progress by Brigham Young (323-326)
  62. The Testimony of the Latter-Day Saints—Their Duties—the Testimony of the Spirit of God by Joseph F. Smith (326-332)
  63. The Sacrament—The Church of Christ—Different Dogmas of Christianity—Book of Mormon—The Testimony of Joseph Smith by George A. Smith (332-338)
  64. America a Choice Land—Its Aborigines by Orson Pratt (338-346)
  65. The Sacrament—A Saint of God—The Eternity of Our Religion—Matrimony by Joseph F. Smith (346-351)
  66. Mormonism by Orson Pratt (352-362)
  67. Unity and Unchangeableness of the Gospel—New Revelation Needed—Spiritualism by George Q. Cannon (362-372)
  68. Co-operation by Brigham Young (372-376)