Journal of Discourses/21

Journal of Discourses
Volume 21

Journal of Discourses Volume 21




Respectfully Dedicated to the Latter-Day Saints in All the World.








In presenting the Twenty-first Volume of the JOURNAL OF DISCOURSES to our readers, we pray that those who read the counsels therein given, may do so by the light of the Holy Spirit of Truth, that great benefit may be obtained therefrom, and that by a wise application of the teachings of God's servants, from time to time, the Saints may finally be exalted in His Heavenly Kingdom.


  1. The Object of the Gathering of the Saints—Conflict Between the Powers of God and Evil—The World Growing Worse—Work of God Progressing—Exhortation to Righteousness and the Spirit of Union by John Taylor (1-8)
  2. Law of Celestial Marriage—The Resurrection and Judgment—Extent of the Mission of the Saviour by Joseph F. Smith (9-13)
  3. A Funeral Sermon by President John Taylor by John Taylor (14-22)
  4. Rest Signifies Change—Time as Related to Eternity—Wonderful Mechanism of the Human Body—Integrity in the Face of Opposition by Erastus Snow (22-29)
  5. All Temporal Concerns Need the Attention of the Saints—We Should Prepare for the Evils Coming Upon the Earth—Co-operation and the United Order—Functions of the Two Priesthoods—Home Manufactures by John Taylor (29-38)
  6. Salvation Dependent Upon Effort and Progress—We Should not be Discouraged by Difficulty by H. W. Naisbitt (38-44)
  7. The Word of the Lord to the Church Given Through the Authorities—Authorities Should be Sustained—Powers of the Priesthood—Sphere of Woman by Charles W. Penrose (45-53)
  8. Co-operation and the United Order—The Saints Should be Governed by the Law and Will of God—The Approaching Calamities Upon the World—Should be Willing to Forsake Earthly Interests for the Gospel’s Sake by John Taylor (53-61)
  9. Comprehensiveness of the Lord’s Prayer—The Rule and Government of God—The Revelation of the Father and Son to Joseph Smith, and the Bestowal Upon Him of the Priesthood—Development of Theocratic Laws and Principles—Object of Gathering—Religious Freedom—Our Relations with the General Government by John Taylor (61-71)
  10. Spiritual Gifts Attainable—Unchangeableness of God—Universality of the Right of Revelation—The Saints—Glorify the God of Revelation—Necessity of Self-government by George Q. Cannon (72-80)
  11. Insufficiency of Mere Belief in Christ—Extent and Application of the Atonement—Necessity of Divine Authority to Enable Man to Administer the Gospel—Joseph Smith Called of God by Charles W. Penrose (80-91)
  12. Effects of the Preaching of the Gospel—Object of the Gathering—Manifestations of the Ancients to Joseph Smith—The Gospel to Departed Spirits—Duties of the Saints to Each Other—The Kind of Men Wanted to go on Missions by John Taylor (91-101)
  13. The Principle of Revelation and its Application to the Several Phases of Life—How the Brotherhood of Man Shall be Evolved by H. W. Naisbitt (101-111)
  14. Eternal Nature of the Gospel—The Principle of Life and Increase—The Source of all Intelligence—Right of the Creator to Govern the Creature—Duties of the Saints by John Taylor (111-120)
  15. No Man Can Build up the Church of Christ Without the Priesthood—Responsibility of the Priesthood—Christ Coming in this Generation—Great Changes and Judgements Approaching—Exhortation to Righteousness by Wilford Woodruff (121-128)
  16. On the Book of Mormon, etc. by Orson Pratt (128-136)
  17. Difference Between the Latter-day Saints and all Other Professing Christians by Charles W. Penrose (137-146)
  18. Progress of the Saints to Union in Faith and Practice—The United Order by Orson Pratt (146-154)
  19. How a Knowledge of God is Obtained—The Gospel to the Dead—Various Dispensations of the Most High to Mankind—Power of the Priesthood—Restoration of the Gospel Through Joseph Smith—Failings of the Saints—Corruptions of the Wicked by John Taylor (155-167)
  20. The Book of Mormon an Authentic Record by Orson Pratt (168-178)
  21. Southern States Mission by John Morgan (179-188)
  22. Duties and Responsibilities of the Priesthood and Saints Generally, etc.—Zion Shall not be Overcome—The Wicked Shall Slay the Wicked—The End Near by Wilford Woodruff (189-196)
  23. Pre-existence, in Spiritual Form, of Man, the Lower Animals and the Earth, etc.—The Temporal Probationary State—The Millennium—The Final Change by Orson Pratt (197-206)
  24. Sustaining the Authorities—Power of the Priesthood—Faithfulness Required, etc. by John Taylor (207-219)
  25. The Inspiration of the Lord’s Servants—Revelation—The Resurrection, etc. by Charles W. Penrose (220-232)
  26. Man to be Judged by Law—A Law Given to all Things—The Law of Gravitation—How it Varies by Distance—Law of Projection—Law of Elliptical Forms, Having the Same Length of Year—Law of Orbital Velocity—Its Variations Depending on Distance—Wise Adaption—Intelligent Selections of Law—Laws of Nature Counteracted by Orson Pratt (232-240)
  27. The Great Principles of Truth as Taught by Revelation to the Ancients, and Also to the Saints in Our Day by John Taylor (241-256)
  28. The Power of God to Communicate Intelligence—Difference in Capacity Between the Mortal and the Immortal—The Future of Man, etc. by Orson Pratt (256-263)
  29. Natural Fulfillment of Prophecy—The Israelites and the Gentiles by George Q. Cannon (264-272)
  30. The Gathering of the Saints—Their Sufferings—Ancient Predictions Fulfilled—Crickets and Their Miraculous Destruction—Crops Saved—Desert Made Fruitful—God’s Kingdom in the Mountains—Its Future Destiny—The Coming of the Lord by Orson Pratt (272-280)
  31. Responsibilities of the Priesthood—Exhortation to Faithfulness, etc. by Wilford Woodruff (281-286)
  32. Visions of Moses—Rebellion in Heaven—Satan Cast Down—Our First Parents Fell—Before the Fall They Were Mortal—After the Fall, Mortal—The Command to Multiply was Given to Two Immortal Beings—This Command More Fully to be Carried into Effect, after the Resurrection, etc. by Orson Pratt (286-296)
  33. Revelation, Prophesying, Predictions of the Servants of God, etc. by Wilford Woodruff (296-302)
  34. A Double Birthday—The Authority of the Priesthood, etc. by Orson Pratt (303-316)
  35. Organization of the First Presidency—Responsibility of the Saints, etc. by Wilford Woodruff (316-319)
  36. Introductory Remarks—Heaven and Earth to Pass Away—Not Annihilated—Heaven and Earth not Created from Nothing—Materials—Eternal Materials Under the Dominion of Laws—Central and Orbital Forces—Compound and Elementary Substances—Earth in the Beginning—No Mortality, then Known, on This Creation—The Fall—The Earth’s Baptism in Water—Its Baptism in Fire—Its Baptism by the Spirit..Its Justification—Its Sanctification—Its Purification—Its Thousand Years’ Rest, etc. by Orson Pratt (319-331)
  37. The Increase and Future of the Saints—True Education, etc. by H. W. Naisbitt (331-339)
  38. The Eternities—Before the Saints—The Sublimity of the Gospel, etc. by John Taylor (340-350)
  39. The Gospel—A Practical and Comprehensive Religion, and the Means of Eternal Exaltation by Charles W. Penrose (351-357)
  40. The Order and Duties of the Priesthood, etc. by John Taylor (358-372)
  41. Opposition to the Work of God, etc. by John Taylor (373-376)