Journal of Discourses/2

Journal of Discourses
Volume 2
(Online document scan of Journal of Discourses, Volume 2)

Journal of Discourses Volume 2

BY BRIGHAM YOUNG, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,











THE Second Volume of the Journal of Discourses needs no recommendation to make it interesting to every Saint who loves to drink of the streams that flow from the fountain of Eternal Truth. It is made up of the choicest fruit that can be culled from the tree of knowledge, suited to the tastes of all who can appreciate such delicious food. It contains the principles of the Gospel of Salvation to this generation. By the rules and precepts found in it, he that reads with the light of the Holy Spirit may measure himself and the progress he has made in the way of Eternal Life. Like a mirror it will reflect upon the souls of the meek and humble the beams of light which emanate from the presence of the Father. Hypocrites, and workers of iniquity, will find in it the most cutting rebukes, that, when uttered, tingled the ears of these who heard, and caused the wicked to feel the canker worm of conscious guilt, which will gnaw upon their vitals until the day shall come when they have paid the penalty of transgression, and are permitted to reap the blessing of repentance.

As the Kingdom advances, and the Saints emerge from the receding shadows of sectarianism and the prejudices of early education, the revelations of the Lord, through His servants, abound with increasing intelligence, and are more cogent and powerful in administering rebuke to the wicked, comfort and consolation to the Saints, and reveal more distinctly the way-marks which point the way to exaltation and eternal lives.

There is a feast of fat things continually spread in Zion for the faithful, and the longing appetite for celestial food need never go unsatisfied. Some discourses in this Volume mark distinct eras in the progress of the work. Among these we will only notice the discourses on the principles of Consecration, and those in which President Young has administered severe but well-merited rebuke to the General Government of the United States and its corrupt officials, and indicated the future course and policy of Utah.

According to the measure of light in which a man lives, the past serves as an index to the future. The marks which recent events have left on the dial plate of time, indicate a rapid increase in the brilliancy of the light which shines from Zion, and that the voice of "The Lion of Lord" will increase the terror of the wicked, and send trembling and dismay into the camps of the enemy. Let him that would be saved watch and pray, and read with an understanding heart the words that flow from the lips of Prophets and Apostles, and, when he has read, practise the principles they teach.


  1. The Gospel—Growing in Knowledge—The Lord’s Supper—Blessings of Faithfulness—Utility of Persecution—Creation of Adam—Experience by Brigham Young (1-10)
  2. The Power of God and the Power of Satan by Jedediah M. Grant (10-16)
  3. The Word of Wisdom Especially Suited to Infants and Youth—Privations in Missouri—Necessity of Integrity, and Strife for Excellence—Responsibility of Parents by Brigham Young (16-21)
  4. Reminiscences of the Jackson County Mob, The Evacuation of Nauvoo, and the Settlement of Great Salt Lake City by George A. Smith (22-24)
  5. Persecutions, Duties, and Privileges of the Saints by Daniel H.Wells (25-28)
  6. Necessity of Building Temples—The Endowment by Brigham Young (29-33)
  7. A Prayer by Heber C. Kimball (34-35)
  8. Persecutions, Position, Prospects, and Agency of the Saints by Edward Hunter (35-38)
  9. Prayer by Alfred Cordon (39-40)
  10. The Church Built on a Rock—Efforts of Satan—The Priesthood by John Young (40-41)
  11. Prayer by George B. Wallace (41-42)
  12. Spiritual Communication by Parley P. Pratt (43-47)
  13. Prayer by Orson Hyde (47-48)
  14. Debtors to the Perpetual Emigrating Fund by President Brigham Young (49-53)
  15. The Perpetual Emigrating Fund—Emigration of the Saints and the Nations by Orson Pratt (54-61)
  16. Gathering the Saints—Perpetual Emigrating Fund by Orson Hyde (61-70)
  17. The Immigration—The Perpetual Emigrating Fund—Scoffers by Jedediah M. Grant (71-74)
  18. The Marriage Relations by Orson Hyde (75-87)
  19. Marriage Relations of Bishops and Deacons by Brigham Young (88-90)
  20. Organization and Development of Man by Brigham Young (90-96)
  21. Consecration by Orson Pratt (96-104)
  22. Union of the Saints—Authority of the Priesthood—Power of God—Obedience—The Urim and Thummim, etc. by Heber C. Kimball (105-111)
  23. Common Salvation by Orson Hyde (112-120)
  24. Saints Subject to Temptation—True Riches, Virtue, and Sanctification—“Mormonism”—Gladdenites, Apostles, and Saints—Devils Without Tabernacles by Brigham Young (121-129)
  25. Perfection and Salvation—Self-government by Brigham Young (129-135)
  26. Spiritual Gifts—Hell—The Spirit World—The Elders and the Nations—The Lamanites—The Temple by Brigham Young (136-145)
  27. Fulfilment of Prophecy—Wars and Commotions by Jedediah M. Grant (145-149)
  28. Obedience—The Spirit World—The Potter and the Clay by Heber C. Kimball (150-154)
  29. Contentment—Home Manufactures—The Priesthood—Tithing—Gathering—Building up Zion—Purification by Heber C. Kimball (155-163)
  30. The Constitutions of the United States and Illinois, etc. by Joseph Smith (163-169)
  31. The Constitution and Government of the United States, etc. by Brigham Young (170-178)
  32. The Priesthood and Satan, etc. by Brigham Young (179-191)
  33. The Church and Kingdom of God, and the Churches and Kingdoms of Men by Wilford Woodruff (191-202)
  34. The Judgements of God on the United States—The Saints and the World by Orson Hyde (202-211)
  35. Gathering and Sanctification of the People of God by George A. Smith (211-220)
  36. Obedience—The Priesthood—Spiritual Communication—The Saints and the World by Heber C. Kimball (220-225)
  37. The First Principles of the Gospel by Jedediah M. Grant (225-233)
  38. The Power of the Gospel by Heber C. Kimball (233-235)
  39. The Increased Powers and Faculties of the Mind in a Future State by Orson Pratt (235-248)
  40. Faithfulness and Apostacy by Brigham Young (248-258)
  41. Progress of the Work—Consecration—Preaching to Israel by Orson Pratt (259-266)
  42. Preaching and Testimony—Gathering Israel—The Blood of Israel and the Gentiles—The Science of Life by Brigham Young (266-271)
  43. Faith and Works by Jedediah M. Grant (272-279)
  44. Dependence on the Lord—Coal and Iron Works—Family Excursions by Brigham Young (279-284)
  45. The Ancient Prophecies by Orson Pratt (284-298)
  46. Consecration by Brigham Young (298-308)
  47. The Kingdom of God by Brigham Young (309-317)
  48. Utah Delegate to Washington—U.S. Government and Officers by Brigham Young (318-323)
  49. Arguments of Modern Christian Sects Against the Latter-day Saints by George A. Smith (323-334)
  50. The Holy Spirit and the Godhead by Orson Pratt (334-347)
  51. Necessity of Opposition by Ezra T. Benson (347-353)
  52. Privileges and Duties of the Saints by Heber C. Kimball (354-357)
  53. The Word of Wisdom by Ezra T. Benson (357-359)
  54. Ordaining Young Men to Office—The Word of Wisdom—Union by George A. Smith (360-368)
  55. Funeral Address by Orson Pratt (368-372)
  56. Opposition to the Gospel by George A. Smith (373-376)