Journal of Discourses/3

Journal of Discourses
Volume 3
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Journal of Discourses Volume 3


President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,











WE are privileged to present to the Saints and the world, the Third Volume of the containing the principles of the Gospel of salvation delivered to this generation through the Apostles and Prophets of the Most High, by the power of the Holy Ghost,

These Discourses as they successively reach us from Zion, show to those who have the spirit of discernment that the Lord's power is increasing among His people, and that He is purifying and bringing them nearer to Him by chastisements, while at the same time He is blessing them with a continual development of the pure principles of eternal life, in proportion as they yield obedience to His requirements.

The light of truth, as it emanates from the abode of the Eternal Father through His Priesthood on the earth, is exposing the corruptions of hypocrites, and apostate spirits among the gathered Saints, and making the spiritual darkness of the surrounding nations more visible. It is also heaping condemnation upon those who still choose darkness rather than light.

Each successive Volume of these Discourses is a rich mine of wealth, containing gems of great value, and the diligent seeker will find ample reward for his labor. After the fathers and mothers of this generation have made them the study of their lives, their children's children will find that they are still unexhausted, and rejoice that this Record has been handed down from their fathers to also aid them in following the way of life.

No one can remain a Saint long, unless he progresses by seeking after the higher knowledge, spirit, and power of those who are set to lead him. A little observation and experience will also satisfy him that he can never fully understand their sayings until he has advanced as far as they have, and sees and comprehends as they do, hence he will ever find their instructions the great fountain from which he must draw the elements of his own progress.


  1. Gathering the Poor by Brigham Young (1-6)
  2. The Holy Spirit, and Human Learning and Science by Jedediah M. Grant (7-12)
  3. Trials of the Saints—Redemption of Zion—Second Coming of Christ—The Word of Wisdom by Orson Pratt (12-19)
  4. Exhortation to Faithfulness by Heber C. Kimball (20-23)
  5. Preaching the Gospel by George A. Smith (23-28)
  6. The History of Mahomedanism by George A. Smith (28-37)
  7. Mahometanism and Christianity by Parley P. Pratt (38-42)
  8. Faith—Practical Religion—Chastisement—Necessity of Devils by Brigham Young (43-51)
  9. Times for All Things—Prayer—Chastisement—Unity—Faithfulness—Reverence for Sacred Things—Reformation by Presidents B. Young, H.C. Kimball, J.M. Grant and E.T. Benson (51-65)
  10. Instructions to New Comers by Jedediah M. Grant (65-69)
  11. The Kingdom of God by Orson Pratt (70-74)
  12. The Vine and Fig Tree—Duties of Saints by Ezra T. Benson (75-79)
  13. The Gospel of Salvation—A Vision—Redemption of the Earth and All That Pertains to It by Brigham Young (80-96)
  14. Language, or the Medium of Communication in the Future State, and the Increased Powers of Locomotion by Orson Pratt (97-105)
  15. Education—The Resurrection—The World of Spirits by Heber C. Kimball (105-114)
  16. Necessity of Home Missions—Purification of the Saints—Chastisement—Honesty in Business by Brigham Young (115-123)
  17. Iniquity—Saints Living Their Religion—Early Marriages by Heber C. Kimball (120-125)
  18. Men Rewarded According to their Works by Jedediah M. Grant (125-127)
  19. Literal Fulfilment of Prophecy—Destruction of Jerusalem—Restoration of Israel—The Coming of Christ by Parley P. Pratt (127-139)
  20. Comprehensiveness of the Gospel—Truth the Bond of Union—Men Must Work Out Their Own Salvation by Amasa Lyman (140-152)
  21. The Necessity of the Saints Having the Spirit of Revelation—Faith and Works—The Power of God and of the Devil by Brigham Young (153-160)
  22. Rebuking Iniquity—The Potter and the Clay—A Dream by Heber C. Kimball (160-164)
  23. Salvation—Men Are Damned by their Misdeeds—Truth—Comprehensiveness of "Mormonism" by Amasa Lyman (164-177)
  24. The First Principles of the Gospel by Parley P. Pratt (177-191)
  25. The Powers of the Priesthood not Generally Understood—The Necessity of Living by Revelation—The Abuse of Blessings by Brigham Young (191-196)
  26. The Necessity of a Living Priesthood—The Utah Legislature by Heber C. Kimball (197-198)
  27. The Present Scarcity of Food—Exhortation to the Bishops to Take Care of the Poor—The Failure of the Crops Will Prove a Blessing to the Saints by Jedediah M. Grant (199-202)
  28. Eternal Increase of Knowledge—Necessity of Cleaving to Every Good Principle—Men Are Not Made Saints by Miraculous Gifts, but Through Obeying the Truth, and Obtaining the Witness of the Spirit by Brigham Young (203-213)
  29. Salvation—The Lord's Prayer—Newness of Life by Amasa Lyman (213-220)
  30. The Necessity of the Saints Living up to the Light which has been Given Them by Brigham Young (221-226)
  31. Elders Called to go on Missions, etc. by Heber C. Kimball (227-232)
  32. Exposing Wickedness Among the Saints, etc. by J.M. Grant (232-236)
  33. Lawyers, and Those Who Practice Attending Law Courts, Rebuked, etc. by Brigham Young (236-241)
  34. Wickedness Among the Saints, etc. by Heber C. Kimball (242-243)
  35. Instructions to the Bishops, etc. by Brigham Young (243-249)
  36. The Devil to be Cast Out of the Earth, etc. by Heber C. Kimball (249-254)
  37. Difficulties Not Found Among the Saints Who Live Their Religion, etc. by Brigham Young (254-260)
  38. Those Saints Who Have Not Seen the Wickedness of the World Cannot Appreciate Their Blessings, etc. by Heber C. Kimball (261-263)
  39. Plurality of Wives—The Free Agency of Man by Brigham Young (264-268)
  40. Men Must Save Themselves, etc. by Heber C. Kimball (268-271)
  41. Preaching—Necessity of the Saints Having Confidence in Those Over Them—Necessity of Wisdom in Dealing with Those who are Dead to Good Works—Ignorance of Worldly Philosophers—The Principle of Life as Shown in the Disolution of Organized Matter by Brigham Young (272-279)
  42. The Leaven of the Gospel—The Saints Should Divest Themselves of Old Traditions—Policy of Making Good Farms and Storing up Grain by George A. Smith (280-291)
  43. The Salvation of the Soul of the Greatest Importance—Benefit of the Useful Sciences, etc. by Orson Pratt (291-298)
  44. The Advantages of the Latter-day Saints, Compared with the Disadvantages Under Which Noah Labored, etc. by Orson Pratt (299-307)
  45. Progress of the Latter-day Church, etc. by Parley P. Pratt (307-316)
  46. Disinclination of Men to Learn Through the Teaching and Experience of Others, etc. by Brigham Young (316-327)
  47. Irrigation, etc. by Brigham Young (328-333)
  48. Remarks on a Revelation Given at August 1831, etc. by Brigham Young (333-344)
  49. The Faith and Visions of the Ancient Saints, etc. by Orson Pratt (344-354)
  50. The Order of Progression in Knowledge—The Way by Which Saints Become One—Aptness of Men to Remember Evil Rather Than Good—A Characteristic of Saints is to Remember Good and Forget Evil—Our Affections Should be Placed on the Kingdom of God Above all Other Things by Brigham Young (354-361)
  51. The Gifts of Prophecy and Tongues—The Former Circumstances and Present Condition of the Saints Contrasted—Trials and Temptations Necessary to Exaltation—The Condition of Disembodied Spirits—Redemption of the Dead by Brigham Young (362-375)