Journal of Discourses/6

Journal of Discourses
Volume 6
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Journal of Discourses Volume 6



Reported By G. D. WATT, J. V. LONG, AND OTHERS,

And Humbly Dedicated to to the Latter-Day Saints in All the World








In publishing the last two Volumes of the there have been more than ordinary difficulties to labour under. One of the effects of the wicked Expedition against the Saints in the Mountains was a suspension in the delivery of Discourses by the leading Elders of the Church. Nor was this all. As Jesus the Beloved Son was once left by his Father, that he might show forth the great integrity of his soul, so also it seemed at this time wisdom in the Father to leave his beloved Saints to manifest the vast integrity of their souls. Therefore the Lord and his Prophets and Apostles, for a moment, as it were, hid themselves and the voices of the Shepherds were not so often heard.

Of course, all this told upon the publication of the Journal of Discourses; for if there were no Discourses delivered, they could not be published; so that, to prevent the Journal from being discontinued, we were compelled to publish Sermons delivered in past years, Some of which had been already published in the Star. But although necessity compelled us thus to act, there are several good ends thereby reached. The Journal of Discourses will become a complete journal of all the Sermons delivered by the First Presidency and the Twelve. Besides this, in the Sixth Volume will be found published some of the choicest Sermons of the Prophet Brigham, and also many choice gems from others of the leading Shepherds of Israel. The Sixth Volume, therefore, cannot be other than a choice Volume to all its possessors, while many Saints have had the privilege of reading and possessing these gems of inspiration who were not in the Church when they were delivered.

We now respectfully offer to its readers the Sixth Volume of the Journal of Discourses. But we cannot close this Preface without expressing gratitude to our heavenly Father that the voices of the Shepherds of Israel are again heard, which gives us the prospect of publishing in the Seventh Volume many of their words of inspiration, power, and salvation.


  1. Character and Being of God—Creation—Salvation of the Dead —The Unpardonable Sin—Resurrection—Baptism of the Spirit, Etc. by Joseph Smith (1-11)
  2. The Work of Reformation—The United States' Army— Labours of "Mormon" Missionaries—Judgments of God, Etc. by Orson Hyde (11-18)
  3. "The Kingdom of God or Nothing" by John Taylor (18-27)
  4. Truth, Life, and Light—God Acts Through Agents— Obedience Produces Knowledge, Which Supersedes Faith— The Spirit of Man—Revelation and Obedience Thereto, Etc. by Heber C. Kimball (28-38)
  5. Source of True Happiness—Prayer, Etc. by Brigham Young (39-47)
  6. Injustice of the United States Government Towards the Saints, Etc. by Orson Hyde (47-50)
  7. Shedding Blood—God's Provision for His Saints by Heber C. Kimball (50-52)
  8. Opposition to the Gospel and the Work of God—Honesty, Etc. by Orson Hyde (53-60)
  9. Opposition to "Mormonism," Etc. by George A. Smith (60-62)
  10. Faith and Works—Submission to Authority— The Lord's Provision for His Saints, Etc. by Heber C. Kimball (63-69)
  11. Neglect of Sunday Meetings—The Saints Gathered From the Common Classes of Society—Dishonesty, Etc. by Brigham Young (69-77)
  12. Unity, Etc. by Amasa Lyman (78-83)
  13. Knowledge Obtained From History by George A. Smith (84-88)
  14. Opposition of State Governments to the Saints, Etc. by Erastus Snow (89-92)
  15. Attention and Reflection Necessary to An Increase of Knowledge—Self-Control—Unity of the Godhead and of the People of God by Brigham Young (93-101)
  16. Unison—Light of the Spirit—Capabilities of the Saints to Provide for Their Own Wants, Etc. by Heber C. Kimball (101-105)
  17. The Saints' Need of the Spirit—The Priesthood—Vitality and Growth of the Work of God—Accomplishment of God's Purposes and Designs, Etc. by John Taylor (105-114)
  18. Blessings of the Saints—Condemnatory State and Conduct of the Christian World, Etc. by Wilford Woodruff (115-121)
  19. Advancement in Gospel Principles—Order, Unity, and Authority of the Priesthood, Etc. by Heber C. Kimball (122-129)
  20. Enmity of Sectarian Priests Towards the Saints—Economy—Home Manufactures, Etc. by Heber C. Kimball (130-135)
  21. Blessings of the Saints, Etc. by Wilford Woodruff (136-142)
  22. Providence—Ignorance of Sectarian Priests—Free Agency—Recreation, Etc. by Brigham Young (143-149)
  23. Self-Government—Constitution of the United States—Church Government, Etc. by Orson Hyde (150-158)
  24. True Government, Union, and Progress—The Priesthood the Channel of Divine Revelation by George A. Smith (159-162)
  25. Blessings of the Saints—Hindrances to Progress—Object and Benefit of Trials—Acknowledgment of God's Hand, Spirit, and Priesthood, etc. by John Taylor (162-169)
  26. Judgment According to Works—Temporal Nature of Divine Revelations—Temporal Resources and Duties of the Saints, Etc. by Brigham Young (169-176)
  27. Mission to England—Reminiscences, Etc. by Ezra T. Benson (177-184)
  28. Increase in Saving Principles—Dedication—Home Produce and Manufacture, Etc. by Heber C. Kimball (185-193)
  29. Idolatry, &c. by Brigham Young (193-199)
  30. Testimony of God's Servants Faithfully Borne to the Nations—Gentile Opposition—Judgments of God—Redemption of Zion by Orson Pratt (199-206)
  31. Happy Prospects of the Saints—Persecution—Union, Etc. by Joseph Young (206-210)
  32. The Religion of the Saints and Its Rejection By the World—Training of Children—Home Manufactures by Lorenzo D. Young (211-214)
  33. The Prosperity of the Saints Dependent Upon Their Being Right Before God—Prayer and Watchfulness, Etc. by Isaac Morley (214-215)
  34. Blessings of Obedience, Etc. by Daniel Spencer (216-218)
  35. Personal Feelings and Experience, Etc. Elias Smith (218-221)
  36. The Lord's Providential Care and Protection of His People—Fulfilment of Prophecy, Etc. by Lorenzo D. Young (222-226)
  37. Unpopularity of "Mormonism"—Redemption of the Dead, Etc. by Joseph Young (226-229)
  38. Testimony to the Truth—The True Yoke or Christ—Modern Prophets—The World versus the Church, Etc. by John Young (230-234)
  39. Past and Present History of the Church—Trust in the Lord and His Priesthood, Etc. by Lorenzo D. Young (235-237)
  40. The Priesthood—The Second Advent—The Gathering—Spiritual Ministrations and Manifestations by Joseph Smith (237-240)
  41. Personal Interest in the Kingdom of God—Endowments—Hints to Preachers, Etc. by Joseph Young (241-247)
  42. Liberty, Reform, Etc. by Ezra T. Benson (247-249)
  43. Education by P. P. Pratt (250-253)
  44. Apostacy, &c. by Jedediah M. Grant (253-254)
  45. Instructions and Counsel to Departing Missionaries by Heber C. Kimball (255-256)
  46. Responsibilities of the Priesthood by George A. Smith (257-258)
  47. Condition of the World, &c. by John Taylor (258-261)
  48. Address to Departing Missionaries by Ezra T. Benson (261-266)
  49. Building Up the Kingdom of God—How to Treat Immigrant Saints, Etc. by Brigham Young (266-270)
  50. Departure of Missionaries Without Purse or Scrip—Blessings of the Lord Upon His Faithful Servants by Orson Pratt (270-272)
  51. Necessity of the Servants of God Being Pure in Heart and in Deed—Dependence on the Holy Spirit—Celestial Exaltations, Etc. by Brigham Young (273-277)
  52. The Sacrament—The Sabbath—Sectarian Opposition to the Doctrines and Ordinances of the Gospel, Etc. by Brigham Young (277-283)
  53. Extensive Character of the Gospel—Comprehensiveness of Divine Revelation, Etc. by Brigham Young (283-298)
  54. Dedication Prayer by Willard Richards (298-306)
  55. Heirship by Brigham Young (306-308)
  56. Heirship—Necessity of Adherence to the Instructions of the Priesthood—Counsel to Departing Missionaries by Orson Hyde (309-314)
  57. The Lord at the Head of His Kingdom—Self-Discipline—Necessity of Cultivating a Knowledge of Science, and Particularly of Theology, Etc. by Brigham Young (314-322)
  58. Discernment—Importance and Necessity of Being Tested—Honesty of Conduct—Faithfulness—Discipline, Etc. by Heber C. Kimball (322-326)
  59. Proper Treatment of the Indians, Etc. by Brigham Young (327-329)
  60. Light and Influence of the Spirit—Power of Evil—Character of the Will, Etc. by Brigham Young (330-333)
  61. Parable of the Sower, Etc. by Orson Hyde (334-342)
  62. Human and Divine Government—the Latter-Day Kingdom, &c. by Brigham Young (342-349)
  63. Polygamy by Orson Pratt (349-364)
  64. Celebration of the Fourth of July by George A. Smith (364-367)
  65. Celebration of the Fourth of July by Orson Hyde (367-371)
  66. Science of Grammar, Etc. by Orson Hyde (371-376)