Joseph Smith's First Vision/The Father as Spirit vs. Embodied/CriticalSources

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Source(s) of the criticism

  • Oliver Barr, “Mormonism--No. V,” The Christian Palladium (Union Mills, New York) 6, no. 18 (15 January 1838): 275. off-site
    Criticizes the idea of God having any 'material' component.
  • Christian Research and Counsel, “Documented History of Joseph Smith’s First Vision,” full-color pamphlet, 10 pages. [There is a notation within this pamphlet indicating that research and portions of text were garnered from Utah Lighthouse Ministry]
  • Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson, Mormonism 101. Examining the Religion of the Latter-day Saints (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Books, 2000), Chapter 1. ( Index of claims )
  • website (as of 5 May 2012). Page: