Journal of Discourses/16

Journal of Discourses, Volume 16

Journal of Discourses Volume 16












WE now present to the Latter-day Saints, and all lovers of truth, the Sixteenth Volume of the JOURNAL or DISCOURSES of President Brigham Young, his Counselors, the Twelve Apostles, and others; confident that all who feel an interest in the advancement of the great Latter-day Work, and the spread of truth upon the earth, will peruse its pages with joy and profit unto themselves, and preserve it as containing sacred writings of inspired men.


  1. Establishment of the Kingdom of God—Permanent Equality Should Be Maintained Among the Saints—Covetousness—Tithing—Consecration—Distinctions by Orson Pratt (1-8)
  2. The Order of Enoch—Study of Law—How to Become Rich by Brigham Young (8-12)
  3. Testimony—Sickness in Sanpete County—Increase of Crime in the World—the Inevitable Overthrow of the Wicked by Orson Hyde (12-15)
  4. Assistance of the Ladies of The Relief Societies Required in Promoting the Manufacture of Paper and the Printing of School Books—Light and Easy Labor Now Performed By Men More Adapted to Women—Should Be Self-Sustaining—Frivolities and Fashions of Babylon Should Be Discarded By the Sisters—Poverty of Those Who Follow After Mining by Brigham Young (15-23)
  5. Friends and Enemies—Object of Gathering—Babylon to Be Forsaken—Prayer—Personality of the Godhead by Brigham Young (23-32)
  6. Home Manufacture—Offences Must Needs Come—Zion is Growing in Importance on the Earth—the Kingdom of God is Now Established—Second Coming of Christ—Unpopularity of Our Religion—the Holy Ghost is the Infallible Testimony to the Believer—the Gospel Embraces All Truth by Wilford Woodruff (32-40)
  7. Unbelief—the Saints Require Constant Instruction—Contrast Between the Gospel of Christ and the Religions of Men—Evil Would Cease Among the Saints If They Would Live Their Religion—Gathering the Poor—Tithing—Knowledge of God—Progress of the Work is Due to the Operations of the Spirit by Brigham Young (40-47)
  8. Meeting of Adam With His Posterity in the Valley of Adam-Ondi-Ahman—Location of the Valley—the Covenant With Enoch—Records of God's Dealings With Men From the Period of the Creation—Method of Preserving the Records of Ancient Prophets—Christ's Advent Among the Nephites—Fufillment of God's Purposes and the Fullness of Times by Orson Pratt (47-59)
  9. Improved Circumstances of the Saints in Utah—Potency of the Law of Tithing by Franklin D. Richards (59-63)
  10. Extension of the Utah Northern Railroad—the Building of the Meeting House and Other Public Improvements Urged on the People—Faith Made Manifest By Works—Unity in Labor and Co-Operation in All Things Pertaining to the Kingdom—Labor Builds Up the Kingdom—Number of Those in the Congregation Acquainted With the Prophet Joseph—Early Experience in the Church—Rewards Will Follow Obedience—Object of the Law of Tithing—Serves the Lord Because of the Purity of Revealed Truth by Brigham Young (63-71)
  11. Ignorance of the World Concerning Our Faith—Character of Christ's Teachings—Organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Similar to that of Former-Days—Belief Alone Insufficient—Exhortation to the Saints to Live Their Religion and to Acquire All Useful Knowledge by Brigham Young (71-77)
  12. The Rise of Zion in the Last Days by Orson Pratt (78-87)
  13. An Account of His Journey to Palestine by George A. Smith (87-102)
  14. Obedience—By Reason of Their Disobedience, Ancient Israel and the Land of Palestine Were Visited With and Still Remain Under the Curse of God—Tithing a Heavenly Requirement by George A. Smith (102-107)
  15. Continued Obedience to the Laws of God is Necessary to Insure a Complete Salvation to the Latter-Day Saints—the Disobedience of Ancient Israel is Shown As a Warning to the Present Generation of His People—the Nature and Necessity of the Law of Tithing—the Fewness of Those Who Faithfully Observe that Law by Brigham Young (108-115)
  16. Altered Circumstances of Gathered Israel—Allurements of Satan at Work—Selfishness and Avarice Should Be Cast Aside—Devotion to the Work of God—the Order of Enoch the Means of Establishing An Equality in Temporal Things—Heavenly Agencies Co-Operating With the Saints by George Q. Cannon (115-121)
  17. The Order of Enoch by Brigham Young (122-123)
  18. Purpose of God in Creating Man—Man's Agency—Duties of Those Who Have Entered Into Covenant With God—Reward of Faithfulness—Work to Be Accomplished Before the Second Coming of Jesus—Avoid Evil Associations by Daniel H. Wells (123-134)
  19. Necessity of Miracles—Belief of the Latter-Day Saints by Orson Pratt (135-140)
  20. The Authority to Preach—It is God Who Has Guided the Work—Glorious Prospects Before the Faithful—Celestial Marriage—Mission to Arizona—Increasing Negligence of the Saints in Attending Meetings—Consequences of Unvirtuous Actions by George Q. Cannon (140-146)
  21. The Manifestations of God's Power, in Behalf of His People in Modern Times, Are Different From Those of Former Ages—Consecration—Order of Enoch—Tithing—Stewardships—Redemption of Zion by Orson Pratt (146-159)
  22. The Gospel Incorporates All Truth—Mode of Administering the Sacrament—Abiding Counsel—Heavenly Blessings Are Conditional—Progressiveness of the Work—Plural Marriage Tithing—Tardiness of the Saints in Observing Practical Duties—Co-Operation by Brigham Young (160-171)
  23. Marriage by Orson Pratt (171-185)
  24. Ordinances that Can Only Be Administered in the Temple—Endowments, Etc. by Brigham Young (185-189)
  25. Visit of the Presidency to the Northern Settlements by George A. Smith (190-193)
  26. The Knowledge of God and Mode of Worshiping Him by John Taylor (194-199)
  27. Ancient Prophecy, Relating to the Time of the Restitution of All Things, to Be Fulfilled by Erastus Snow (200-208)
  28. Evidences, Relating to the Divine Authenticity of the Bible and Book of Mormon, Compared by Orson Pratt (209-220)
  29. A Word of Exhortation by George A. Smith (220-221)
  30. The Importance of Living Up to the Knowledge Possessed By, and the Requirements Made of, the Latter-Day Saints, Through the Living Oracles of God by David McKenzie (222-228)
  31. Affairs in Sanpete County—"One-man Power"—Unity Required Among the People by Orson Hyde (228-236)
  32. The Word of Wisdom—Education by George A. Smith (237-239)
  33. The Saving Ordinances of the Gospel by Daniel H. Wells (239-241)
  34. The Character of the Church of Christ—Testimony is Given by the Spirit—Trials to be Encountered and Sacrifices to be Made in Order to Prove the Faith of the Saints—The Love of Wealth by George Q. Cannon (241-245)
  35. The Instructions Given Are Intended for All the Saints—the Latter-Day Work An Individual Work—Men and Women Are Responsible for Their Own Acts—Obedience is Essential to Salvation—the Present Sinful Condition of the World the Result of Disobedience—Counsel to the Saints on the Necessity of Living Exclusively for the Building Up of the Kingdom of God by Joseph F. Smith (246-251)
  36. Temples to Be Built to the Name of the Lord—the Location of Their Erection, and the Purposes for Which They Shall Be Built by Orson Pratt (251-262)
  37. Unchangeableness of the Gospel—God Has Chosen the Weak Things of the World to Confound the Wise—Prophecies Relating to the Latter-Day Work—Joseph Smith's Ministry—Zion to Be Built Up—Baptism for the Dead—the Order of Enoch—Babylonish Fashions by Wilford Woodruff (263-272)
  38. Our Temporal Interests to Be Directed for the Work of the Lord—Co-Operation and Home Manufacture in Box Elder County by Lorenzo Snow (273-279)
  39. Means Required to Build the Temples—the Word of Wisdom—Unity Needed in Building Up Zion—Sabbath Schools—Journeyings in the Holy Land by George A. Smith (279-283)
  40. Distinguishing Characteristics Between the Latter-Day Saints and the Various Religious Denominations of Christendom by Orson Pratt (284-300)
  41. Honesty of Purpose Should Actuate All True Believers—Views of Mankind in Relation to God—the Existing Modes of Divine Worship—Ancient Christianity Compared With Modern So-Called Christianity—the Principles of the Gospel by John Taylor (301-312)
  42. The Creation—the Seventh Thousand Years, and Events Which Are to Follow the Period of the Millennium by Orson Pratt (312-326)
  43. Revelation on the Judgments of the Lord—First Fruits of the Resurrection—What Becometh of the Souls of Men—Redemption Universal by Orson Pratt (326-338)
  44. The Stick of Joseph and of Judah—Times of the Gentiles—Apostacy From the Ancient Order—Restoration of the Everlasting Gospel by Orson Pratt (339-353)
  45. The Increased Powers and Capacities of Man in His Future State by Orson Pratt (353-368)
  46. What the Gospel Teaches—Revelation From God Necessary—the Faith and Doctrines of the Latter-Day Saints by John Taylor (369-376)