Journal of Discourses/18

Journal of Discourses, Volume 18

Journal of Discourses Volume 18












WE now present the Eighteenth Volume of the to the Saints, and to all lovers of the Truth.

We feel confident that the important instructions on principle and doctrine therein contained, relative to the building of Temples, the salvation of the dead, the introduction of the Order of Enoch, and the general progress and development of the great Latter-day Work, will prove as interesting, gratifying and beneficial to the Saints and to posterity, as those that have been previously published through this medium.

We regret that the circulation of the is so limited. Its importance would warrant a thousand-fold greater extension of this work. We anticipate a time, not distant in the future, when a copy of the present volume will be more precious than gold. It is even now almost impossible to obtain a complete series. Copies should therefore be carefully preserved by all subscribers.

We also, with feelings of regret, chronicle here, which we think a befitting place, the death—on July 5, 1876—of Elder David W. Evans, to whom for many years we have been indebted for the reports of the discourses of the First Presidency, the Twelve Apostles and others. His death being the cause of the temporary suspension of the publication of this journal.

In his demise the Saints have sustained the temporal loss of a faithful and worthy brother, and the public a devoted and able servant.


  1. Man, the Offspring of God, a Dual Being—Immediate Revelation—Operate With the Priesthood by John Taylor (1-2)
  2. There is Cause for Rejoicing—The Hand of Divine Providence Over the Saints—Pleased With Being a Territory—Maintain the Right—Be True to Principle by George Q. Cannon (2-13)
  3. Cooperation a True Principle—Saints Must Be Self-Sustaining—Patronize Home Manufacturers—Home Industrial Institutions by George Q. Cannon (13-16)
  4. Gathering of Israel—The Work of the Father Commenced—Three Nephite Apostles Never to Taste of Death—The Ten Tribes Come to Zion From the North Countries by Orson Pratt (16-29)
  5. Little Children Are Innocent, and All Will Be Saved—God, a Personage of Tabernacle—The Life of the Savior, a Life of Suffering—Second Coming of Christ by Wilford Woodruff (29-40)
  6. Immediate Revelation—Spiritual Gifts Necessary in the Christian Church—Apostasy—The Restoration of the Gospel—All Things to Be Gathered in One—Divine Authority—Marriage—Celestial Marriage—Baptism for the Dead by Orson Pratt (41-57)
  7. Resurrection of the Saints—Second Advent of the Messiah—Preparatory Work—Return of the Jews to Jerusalem—Gathering of the Saints to Zion—Christ’s Personal Reign by Orson Pratt (57-69)
  8. Present Revelation Necessary to Lead the Church—The Apostleship—Present Revelation Necessary for All—Evils of Waste, Intemperance, and Extravagance—True Reformation is to Cease from Doing Evil by Brigham Young (70-77)
  9. The United Order—How Unity is to be Attained—Reform Necessary—The Order of the Kingdom of God—Stewardships by John Taylor (78-82)
  10. The Pleasure of Serving God—Importance of the Gathering—Necessity of Obedience to the Priesthood by George Q. Cannon (82-88)
  11. God Preserves His People—Internal Foes the More Dangerous—Redemption of the Dead—The Priesthood by Joseph F. Smith (89-94)
  12. The Blessing of Life for Evermore—The Lord Commanded the United States Government to Purchase Freedom for Their Slaves—Reformation Necessary that the Saints May Progress Faster—Salvation Comes By Faithfulness and Endurance in Christ by Daniel H. Wells (95-102)
  13. Self Preservation—United Order—Individual Stewardships—Home Manufactures by George Q. Cannon (103-108)
  14. Parable of the Ten Virgins—Importance of the Last Dispensation—Responsibilities Resting Upon the Elders—Judgments at the Door—The Lamanites—Home Manufactures—Laying Up Wheat by Wilford Woodruff (109-122)
  15. The Resurrection—Laying the Cornerstone of the Temple in Jackson County—Mission of the Twelve Apostles—Baptism of Nearly Six Hundred of the “United Brethren”—The Saints Hold the Keys of Salvation for All Israel—Judgments Await the Wicked—Folly of the Fashions by Wilford Woodruff (122-130)
  16. On the Dedication of the New Tabernacle by Orson Pratt (131-132)
  17. What the Lord Requires of His Saints by Joseph F. Smith (133-135)
  18. The Purposes of God—Duties and Responsibilities of the Saints by John Taylor (136-143)
  19. Fulfillment of Prophecy—The Desert Watered and the Wilderness Made Fruitful—Zion in the Valleys of the Mountains—Increase of Her Families Like a Flock—Her Peace, Plenty, and Prosperity by Orson Pratt (144-155)
  20. Book of Mormon—Urim and Thummin—Appearance of a Holy Angel in 1829 to Four Persons—Their Testimony to the Truth of the Book of Mormon—Also Eight Other Witnesses—Isaiah’s Prophecy Relates to that Book—Ezekiel’s Prophecy by Orson Pratt (155-168)
  21. Restoration of the Gospel, Probable and Spiritual—Sent First to the Gentiles, Then to Israel—This is a Gathering Dispensation, or the Fullness of Times—Destiny of all Nations by Orson Pratt (169-186)
  22. Infidelity of the Christian World—Duties and Responsibilities of the Saints—Necessity of a Temple, and Works in Behalf of the Dead by Wilford Woodruff (186-193)
  23. How God's Purposes Are Fulfilled—Similarity of Ancient and Modern Church Government—Interview With Baron Rothschild—Object of Building Temples—The Perfect Organization of the Church of Christ—Works Indispensable to Salvation by John Taylor (193-203)
  24. Unbelief of the Present Age—The Saints Called to Build up God's Kingdom—Their Duties and Responsibilities by Daniel H. Wells (203-207)
  25. The Gathering of the Saints is the Lord's Work—Knowledge of the Gospel Attainable Only By Revelation—The Lord Dictated the Prophet Joseph Smith in All Things Pertaining to the Establishment of the Church of Christ Upon Earth by John Taylor (208-211)
  26. Very Few Will Inherit Celestial Glory—Lust After the Things of the World Produces Apostasy—No Real Happiness Outside of Godliness—The Lord Requires the Hearts of the Children of Men by Brigham Young (212-217)
  27. Simplicity and Unchangeableness of the Gospel—It Must Be Preached in All the World Before the Savior Comes—Duties and Responsibilities of the Saints by Wilford Woodruff (217-222)
  28. Prophecies of Joseph Smith and Their Literal Fulfillment—The Rise of the Church and the Gathering—Martyrdom of the Saints and Flight of the Church to the Rocky Mountains—The Great United States Rebellion—The Gospel to Be Preached to the Gentiles; Then to the Jews—Plagues of the Last Days—Millennial Reign by Orson Pratt (222-229)
  29. Personal Revelation the Basis of Personal Knowledge—Philosophic View of Creation—Apostacy Involves Disorganization and Return to Primitive Element—One-Man Power by Brigham Young (230-235)
  30. Secret of Happiness—Self-Examination—Joseph Smith a Man of Obedience to God—Baptism for the Dead—Temporal and Spiritual One—A Dream—Order of Enoch, The Order of God—A Good Word for the Women by Brigham Young (235-249)
  31. Visit to Sabbath Schools—Reflections on the Course we Pursue—Common Blessings Sometimes Undervalued—The Gospel Guarantees its own Testimony—Apostacy Rather an Evidence of Health, than a Symptom of Disease—Testimony by George Q. Cannon (250-256)
  32. Philosophy of Man Upon The Earth—The Great and Grand Secret of Salvation—Are We One—Nature of Stewardship—Increase of Temples—Hear Ye, Mothers by Brigham Young (257-264)
  33. Youthful Experiences—Preaching Without Purse and Scrip—Individual Testimony Abundant and Satisfactory—Joseph Smith not An Impostor—His Promises Fulfilled—Form of Church Organization Imperative—Its Restoration in Prophecy and Fact by Orson Pratt (264-271)
  34. The Gospel Trumpet—Salvation More Than Baptism and the Laying on of Hands—Responsibilities of Believers—Labors and Opportunities of the Spirit World—The Office of the Holy Spirit—Knowledge of the Gospel, Certain and Sure—Its Fruits Good, and Manifest in the Lives of Those Who Receive It by Joseph F. Smith (271-277)
  35. Position of the Latter-Day Saints—Protestantism Makes No Claim to Revelation—Priesthood, How Restored, Its Purpose—Persecution the Heritage of the Church—The People Must Know the Will of God, and Do It—Respect the Authorities; and Respect Our Profession—Avoiding All Evils, Cleave to the Good by John Taylor (278-286)
  36. Salvation Tangible—Personality of God—Character of God—Pre-Existence of Man—Jesus Our Elder Brother—Transformation of the Earth—Creation and Organization—Its Final Destiny, the Home of the Saints—Revelations By Joseph Smith in Harmony With Scripture by Orson Pratt (286-297)
  37. Apostolical Succession and Responsibility—Social Position Affords No Release From Responsibility—If the Office Does not Honor a Man, He is Called to Honor the Office—Man's Future, Dependent on Integrity Here by Lorenzo Snow (298-302)
  38. The Great Privilege of Having a Temple Completed—Past Efforts for this Purpose—Remarks on Conduct—Earth, Heaven, and Hell, Looking at the Latter-Day Saints—Running After Holes in The Ground—Arrangements for the Future by Brigham Young (303-305)
  39. Respect to the Dead—Pre-Existence the Key to This—The Future Life Depends on This—The Latter-day Saints Dependent Upon Revelation for Their Knowledge of These Things—Life Persecutions As Nothing, Contrasted With the Promises Pertaining to the Future—Men's Future Glories As Are the Laws They Abide by John Taylor (306-313)
  40. Prophecies Unfulfilled—Changes in the Configuration of the Globe—Miracles the Result of Laws not Yet Perfectly Understood—The Re-Formation of the Earth—Its Character During the Millennium—Its Purification By Fire—The New Heavens and the New Earth—The Gospel the Celestial law, and Only Passport to Existence on a Celestialized Earth by Orson Pratt (314-323)
  41. Burial Services, An Ancient Practice—God, the God of the Living—Keys Committed to Joseph Smith. The Last Dispensation—Jesus the Great Redeemer—An Everlasting Priesthood—The Powers of the Resurrection—Scriptural, Philosophical, and Certain—Sealing Powers Eternal by John Taylor (324-335)
  42. Daniel's Vision—Nebuchadnezzar's Dream—Its Interpretation—The Coming of the Ancient of Days—Joseph Smith's Prophecy—Things Yet to Be Fulfilled—The Valley of God Where Adam Dwelt—The Establishment of the Kingdom of God—The Coming Millennium and Triumph of the Saints by Orson Pratt (335-348)
  43. Feelings in the Temple—Value of the Sacred Records—The Gospel Finds Testimony in Opposition—The Gospel Always the Same—Martyrs Versus Heroes—Ordinances for the Dead by George Q. Cannon (349-353)
  44. The United Order—The Duty of the Priesthood—The Gospel not Communism—Teaching the People How to Live—Independence of Babylon—The Saints Will Continue to Spread—Unity of Purpose and Action, Will Bring Again Zion—Free Schools Criticized—Educational Status of Our Children by Brigham Young (353-357)
  45. The Lord Rules—The Hand of God in Persecution—The Gospel Embraces All Truth—No Need of Worry, the Lord Will Deal Out Justice—Joseph Slain for the Gospel—The Dissatisfied Will Be Satisfied—Full of Blessing by Brigham Young (358-362)
  46. Melchizedek and Aaronic Priesthoods—Their Peculiarities and Jurisdiction—Building Temples—Gathering to Be Sanctified—Union and Blessing Its Results by Orson Pratt (362-367)
  47. Prayer by President Daniel H. Wells by Daniel H. Wells (368-371)
  48. Necessity for Effort—Regulation of Temporal Affairs—Consecration and Stewardship—Preparation for Building in Jackson County—Responsibility of Presidents—How Confidence is Created—The United Order—Desires for the Future by Lorenzo Snow (371-376)