Journal of Discourses/23

Journal of Discourses, Volume 23

Journal of Discourses Volume 23










The Twenty-third Volume of the JOURNAL OF DISCOURSES, now complete, will, we feel assured, be considered as acceptable reading matter by the Latter-day Saints who may be favored with its perusal. That they may be stimulated to greater faithfulness by the valuable instructions and exhortations therein contained is the desire of qqq


  1. The Preaching and Practice of the Gospel—Visitations of Angels, Etc. by H. W. Naisbitt (1-7)
  2. The Indians—The Influence of the Elders Among Them in the Interest of Peace, Etc. by Erastus Snow (7-10)
  3. The Settling of Southern Utah—Building of the Temple, Etc. by John Taylor (11-20)
  4. Travels of the First Presidency and the Twelve—Temporal and Spiritual Condition of the Saints—Their Educational Progress—Temple Building, Its Object—Organization of the Priesthood, Its Duties—The Gathering and General Duties of the Saints of God, Their Ultimate Destiny. by John Taylor (20-27}
  5. The Dispensation of the Fulness of Times—Restoration of the Gospel—Duties of the Priesthood—the Future of Zion—Inconsistency of the Saints' Persecutors—Incidents of Church History, Etc. by John Taylor (28-38)
  6. The Southern States Mission—Faithfulness of Young Elders—Opposition to the Truth—Gradual Spread of the Gospel—Changes in Religious and Political Sentiment—Hard Times in the South—Vice and Degradation—The Colorado Settlements. by John Morgan (38-47)
  7. The Gospel's Restoration—Its Priesthood and Principles—The Saints Misrepresented—The "Mormon" War—Comparative Statistics—The Impending Judgments of God—Duties of the Saints—A Warning to Their Oppressors—The Wickedness of the World—Exhortation to Righteousness. by John Taylor (47-68)
  8. The Laws of God and the Laws of the Land—The Saints An Obedient and Law-Abiding People—Their Persecutions Productive of Prosperity—Their Past and Prospective Experience and Eventual Triumph. by Joseph F. Smith (69-75)
  9. Man's Free Agency—The Gospel Restored—Opposition to God's Work—Increase of Wickedness—The World Warned of Retribution—The Saints Exhorted to Righteousness. by Wilford Woodruff (76-82)
  10. The Last Dispensation—The Saints' Religion Practical—Hostility to God's Work—Divisions in Sectarian Churches—Unity of the Saints—Early History of Utah—"Mormon" Thrift and Enterprise—The One-Man Power—God's People a Free People—Increase of Corruption—The Saints Hopeful. by Erastus Snow (83-92)
  11. Peace and Prosperity of the Saints—Growing Importance of the Church From Its Organization—The Work of God and not of Man—God's Blessing Upon the Righteous; His Curse Upon the Unrighteous—The Liberty of the Gospel—The Saints Preserved From War and Bloodshed—Their Union and Universal Goodwill. by George Q. Cannon (93-106)
  12. The Lord's Work—Warfare not Required of the Saints—An Overruling Providence—Corruption and Perjury in High Places—Violation of the Constitution—False Accusations Against the Saints—Words of Comfort and Exhortation by F. D. Richards (106-114)
  13. Modern Fulfillment of Ancient Prophecy—Rise of Joseph the Prophet—Organization of the Church of Christ—Persecutions of the Saints—Their Undying Faith in God—The World Proving Joseph Smith a Prophet—Satan Busily at Work—The Gospel of Liberty and Humanity by George Q. Cannon (114-123)
  14. Liberty of Conscience—Man Accountable to God—The Fall of Adam and Eve Preordained—Redemption and Resurrection—The Gospel in Ancient and in Modern Times—Fulfillment of Prophecy—A Falsehood Refuted—Patriarchal Marriage—Its Purity and Its Eternal Purpose. by Wilford Woodruff (124-133)
  15. How the Gospel is Preached By the Elders—Value of the Training They Receive—Historical Compilation of Experiences of the Elders Would Be Interesting—Prospects of the Rising Generation—Faith of the Ancients Restored—Fulfillment of the Destiny of the Church Cannot Be Hindered—The Saints Purified By Trial by George Q. Cannon (133-141)
  16. Human Rights—Origin, Duty and Destiny of Man—Correct Knowledge Due to Divine Revelation—Truth Ever Absolute and Unwelcome to the World-God's Authority Unrecognized—The World's Present State and Future Prospects by George. G. Bywater (142-149)
  17. Ancient and Modern Israel Compared—God's Work Progressive—His Overruling Providence. by Lorenzo Snow (150-155)
  18. How to Find Out God—How Man May Know Himself—Necessity of Divine Revelation—How and By What Means Received—Testimony of the Latter-Day Saints—The Nature and Origin of Man—His Mortal Experience and Its Purpose—The Fate of the Wicked—The Lot of the Righteous—Eternal Life and How It May Be Attained by Charles W. Penrose (156-162)
  19. The Preaching of the Gospel in the Latter Days—Signs Promised to Follow Believers As Anciently—The Gospel in Force Upon All the World—Sincerity No Excuse for Wilful Disobedience—A Positive Personal Testimony Attainable Through Obedience—Unauthorized Administrations Unrecognized of God—New Revelation Essential and Desirable—True and False Charity by Orson Pratt (162-168)
  20. Man a Mortal and An Immortal Being—Temporal and Spiritual Death—Redemption Through the Atonement and Gospel of Christ—Sons of Perdition—Man's Pre-Existent, Disembodied and Resurrected States—Jesus Christ the Great Example—The Righteous to Be Conformed to His Image—His Similarity to the Father—His Mission not Completed at His Death—His Resurrection and the Redemption of Humanity by Joseph F. Smith (169-175)
  21. The Death of the Faithful No Cause for Mourning—The Perpetuity of the Priesthood—Probationary Ingress and Egress—All Knowledge Comes From God—Temple-Building and Its Purposes—Exhortations to the Saints by John Taylor (175-180)
  22. God's Peculiar People Called a Kingdom of Priests—Their Ministry Thus Foreshadowed—The Melchisedek and Aaronic Priesthoods—Their Restoration in the Latter-Days—The Preaching of the Gospel—Ephraim and Manassek—The Lineage of the Prophet Joseph Smith—Predestination and Election—The Dispersion and Gathering of Israel—The Priesthood Endless, Administering in Time and Eternity—The Blindness of the Gentiles to the Things of God—The Results of Persecution—The Future of the Faithful by Erastus Snow (181-189)
  23. The Establishment of Character—Traits that Are Admirable—How to Have Influence With Heaven—Why Men Should Do Right—The Cultivation of Spiritual Gifts—The Things of God Must Be Sought After—Fasting, Prayer, Devotion and Sacrifice by Lorenzo Snow (189-195)
  24. The Mission of the Holy Ghost—Commissions of the Ancient and Modern Apostles—Unbelief, Division, Superstition and Fanaticism—Sincerity No Evidence of Truth, But Always Entitled to Respect—Marriage Commanded of God and Forbidden By Man—Moral Courage and Anti-"Mormon" Legislation—Righteous and Unrighteous Dominion—The Purity of the Elders of Israel—The Worship of Wealth and Its Poverty—Public opinion and Independence of Character—The Latter-Day Saints Never Destined to Be Slaves—Persecution and Its Consequences—Exhortation to Loyalty, Long-Suffering, Kindness, Integrity and Righteousness by Moses Thatcher (196-214)
  25. The Temple at Logan—The Liquor Traffic—Church Organization—Duties of Its Officers—Treatment of Transgressors—An Interesting Anecdote and Its Moral—Various Offices and Callings of the Priesthood, Etc.—The Guidance of God—Honor Due to His Priesthood—Growth and Progress of God's Work—Its Opposition By the World—The Regeneration of the Lamanites and General Salvation of Man by John Taylor (215-224)
  26. The Marriage Question—Lawful Concubinage and Its Unlawful Counterfeit—Various Views Concerning the Union of the Sexes—Plural Marriage Among the Latter-day Saints—The Example and Character of Abraham—Exhortation to Justice and Equity—Christian Crimes in New England—Oppression With Its Real and Pretended Object—Fruits of "Mormonism" Prisons and Penalties Powerless to Stop the Lord's Work—The Godgiven Boon of Liberty to Man—The Final Triumph of His Cause by Erastus Snow (224-234)
  27. The Work of God and Building Up of Zion—Preaching, Temple Building and Other Duties—Corruption and Hypocrisy of Christendom—Rights of the Latter-Day Saints As American Citizens—The Saints Counseled to Be Pure, Honest, Upright, Charitable, Longsuffering and Forgiving—Difference Between Bigamy and Polygamy—Unjust Legislation and American Justice—God for Israel As Long As Israel is for Right by John Taylor (235-241)
  28. Dependence Upon the Holy Spirit—The Gathering and Its Object—Sacrifices Required of the Saints—The Risk of Rejecting the Testimony of the Truth—Profession and Practice, Pretensions and Principle—Impending Trials and Troubles, Trust in God—Time and Eternity, Body and Spirit—"More Blessed Are They that Believe and Have not Seen"—The Spirit of Truthful Intuition the Safest Guide—Exhortation, Counsel and Instruction by Joseph E. Taylor (242-249)
  29. The Gospel of Christ or Ancient Christianity—Its Growth and Progress Despite of Opposition—Christ's Sermon on the Mount—Similarity of Ancient, to Modern Opposition to the Truth—The Early Apostacy and the Gospel's Latter-Day Restoration—The Object of Anti-"Mormon" Legislation not the Suppression of Immorality—The Saints Willing to Abide the Issue by George G. Bywater (250-257)
  30. The Mighty Mission of the Saints—God's Dealings With the World in Ancient and Modern Times—God's Authorship of Creation and Right to Rule—Man's Agency, the Gospel and the Gathering—Its Attempted Suppression, Contrasted Statesmanship—The Mother of Harlots and Her Daughters—The Political Situation in Utah—The Rights of Man, the Supporters and Subverters of Law and Order—Religious Intolerance and Political Injustice—The Latter-Day Saints the Future Saviors of America—The Edmunds Act and Its Unjust Operation—Reverend Falsifiers and Their Dupes—Exhortation to the Priesthood and the People by John Taylor (257-270)
  31. Persecution Fulfilling Prophecy—Vermont, the Birthplace of Prominent "Mormons" and Their Oppressors—The Faith and Integrity of the Saints to Be Tested—Peace Among God's People a Peculiar Characteristic—In Time of Trouble Trust in God, "Watch the Captain"—The Acts of the Utah Commissioners—God's Overruling Power and Wisdom—A Great Work Requires Great Sacrifice—Non-Performance of Duty No Cause for Self-Gratulation—Man's Penalties More Endurable Than God's—The True Saviors of the Latter-Day Saints—Better to Disobey Man Than God—The Danger of Disobedience, of Diverse Temporal Interests and Class Distinctions—All God's Gifts Intended for the General Benefit and Blessing by George Q. Cannon (271-282)
  32. Love for and Forgiveness of Enemies—Such Things Possible Without Association and Assimilation—The Saints Exhorted Against Bartering Away Their Inheritances—This Idolatry of Riches—Man Cannot Build Up Zion, But God Can and Will by Joseph F. Smith (282-287)
  33. The Revelations of the Holy Spirit—Sacrifice Brings Forth Salvation, Episode of Queen Esther—Where Knowledge is Given Obedience is Required—Noah and the Antediluvians, Penalty of Disobedience—The Knowledge Which Comforts the People of God, The Skepticism of the World—The Testimony of the Latter-day Saints—The Indestructibility of "Mormonism"—God Will Overrule and Deliver, If the Saints Will Do Their Duty by Lorenzo Snow (288-293)
  34. The "Twin Relics," Slavery and Polygamy—Confounding of Polygamy With Bigamy, "Christian" Statesmanship—Joseph Smith's Proposition for the Abolition of Slavery—The Great Rebellion, Church Division—The Bible and Polygamy, Origin of Monogamy—The Work of God in the Latter Days, the Mission of Ephraim—The Ten Tribes and Scattered Israel, the Book of Mormon—Present Persecution and Future Prospects of the Saints by Erastus Snow (294-302)
  35. "Mormonism" As True Now As Ever—Many Called But Few Chosen—God's People to Be Tried and Tested—Rapid Growth of His Kingdom—The Blindness of the World—Animosity of Satan—Blessings Cannot Be Withheld From the Faithful—Exhortation Against Covetousness and Other Evils—Ordeals Ordained From the Beginning—The Reward of the Faithful by Daniel H. Wells (303-310)
  36. Tithes and Offerings—Consecrations and Stewardships—The Law of the Lord to the Latter Day Saints—The Meaning of "Surplus Property"—Tithes and Offerings in Ancient Times—The Year of Jubilee or Release—The Importance of Paying Tithing—God the Giver of Every Good Gift—Tithes and Offerings His Due by Franklin D. Richards (311-320)
  37. Man's Natural Spirit and the Spirit of God—Our Relationship With Him—His Dealings in the Latter Days—What is Expected of the Saints—Their Position and Labors Among the Nations—Christ the Example to All His Followers—Words of Counsel to Priesthood and People by John Taylor (320-326)
  38. Hardship the Heritage of the Saints—The Necessity of Trial Forgiveness of Enemies—Inspired Dreams, "Get the Spirit of God"—The Great Work Expected of the Saints—Labors Among the Lamanites by Wilford Woodruff (326-332)
  39. Men Powerless Except as God Permits—Ordeals Necessary to Purify—Zion Will Triumph by John Taylor (333-337)
  40. The Lord Interested in the Salvation of the Whole Human Family—His Plans, Purposes and Dealings All to that End—Necessity of Charity, Love, Union, Etc., in the Church of Christ—The Logan Temple and a Prophetic Glimpse at Its Future by Lorenzo Snow (338-342)
  41. Revealed Religion and Man-Made Methods of Worship—Only One True and Acceptable Way to Worship God—Ancient and Modern Revelations Corroborate Each Other—God's Spirit the Light and Life of the Whole World—Men Generally Choose Darkness Rather Than Light—The Coming Forth of the Light in the Latter Days—Joseph Smith and His Doctrines—The Speaker's Personal Experience—The Operations of the Spirit—The Way to Obtain Knowledge From God—The Necessity of Priesthood and Church Government—The Head of the Church God's Mouthpiece to the Church—The Perfection, Beauty, and Harmony of the Lord's Work by Charles W. Penrose (343-356)
  42. The Power and Authority Of the Priesthood Continuous—Pseudo-Prophets and Their Revelations—Ordination Prerequisite to Action in Any Office—Joseph Smith the Head of this Dispensation—The Twelve Ordained By Him to Bear Off the Kingdom—Joseph's Legal Successor and Brigham's—The Priesthood, As It Now Exists, the Rightful Authority of God on Earth by George Q. Cannon (357-367)
  43. Why the Saints Meet Together—Their Pretensions—What Their Profession Implies—No Right to Sit in Judgment on the World—All Children of a Common Father—Many Good Men Inspired By the Spirit of God Who Did not Possess the Gift of the Holy Ghost—How Joseph Smith Obtained Knowledge—The Gospel—What the Savior Required—Operations of the Holy Ghost—What is Required of the Saints—Their Feelings—Duty of Missionaries—National Feelings Buried in Embracing the Gospel—Relationship to God—Destiny of the Faithful—What Have Religionists of the World to Offer?—Character of the Would-Be Reformers—Rights to Be Contended For—Corrupt Practices Condemned by John Taylor (368-376)