Journal of Discourses/24

Journal of Discourses
Volume 24

Journal of Discourses Volume 24












This, the Twenty-fourth Volume of the like its predecessors, consists of sermons of Latter-day Saints, extemporaneously delivered and phonographically reported. That those who are privileged with its perusal may profit not only by the letter, but by the spirit also of the utterances herein recorded, is the earnest desire of


  1. Why the Saints Meet Together—Their Pretensions—What Their Profession Implies—No Right to Sit in Judgment on the World—All Children of a Common Father—Many Good Men Inspired By the Spirit of God Who Did not Possess the Gift of the Holy Ghost—How Joseph Smith Obtained Knowledge—The Gospel—What the Savior Required—Operations of the Holy Ghost—What is Required of the Saints—Their Feelings—Duty of Missionaries—National Feelings Buried in Embracing the Gospel—Relationship to God—Destiny of the Faithful—What Have Religionists of the World to Offer?—Character of the Would-Be Reformers—Rights to Be Contended For—Corrupt Practices Condemned by John Taylor (1-8)
  2. Greatness of the Work Inaugurated and Accomplished By the Prophet Joseph Smith—Sketch of the Prophet's Early Life—Refutation of the False Charges Made Against Him and the Latter-Day Saints—Character of Our Traducers—Divine Nature and Value of the Book of Mormon by Joseph F. Smith (8-16)
  3. Prohibition Advocated—Effects of Drunkenness Illustrated, Statistics, Etc. by Moses Thatcher (16-20)
  4. Exhortation From Isaiah—The Saints Obeying It—Glimpse at the Settlement of Utah—Fulfilling Ancient Prophecies—Jackson County, Missouri, the Destination of the Saints—The Temple to Be Built There—New Jerusalem—How It Will Be Preserved From Decay—Its Description—The Wicked Powerless to Prevent the Saints From Fulfilling Their Destiny by Orson Pratt (20-32)
  5. The Church Based Upon the Principle of Perfect Freedom—When a President Resigns, His Counselors Go Out of Office—High Priests to Preside—Presidents Choose Their Own Counselors—All Authorities Sustained By Vote of the Saints—Position of Presidents Cannon and Smith If President Taylor Should Resign—Saints not to Interfere With the Religion of Others by John Taylor (32-38)
  6. Hostile Feeling Towards the Saints—Their Morality Compared With that of the World—Laxity of Laws and Immorality in Washington—Object of the Edmunds' Bill—Cause of Former Hostility—Saints to Contend for Liberty—Rights of Congress—Other Things to Be Dreaded More Than Hostile Legislation—Effect of Such Legislation—Shame of Congressmen—Destiny of the Saints by George Q. Cannon (38-50)
  7. Importance of the Work of God—"The Kingdom of God or Nothing"—Apparent Insignificance of the Church at First—Its Growth—Ancient Men of God—Personal Reminiscence—What is Required of the Saints—How Joseph Smith's Prayers Were Answered by Wilford Woodruff (50-56)
  8. Peculiarities of Public Preaching Among the Saints—A Comprehensive Religion—Equality of Man—Saints the Champions of Right—A Providence Over the Saints—Leaven of Truth at Work—Truth Taught By Joseph Smith Now Being Verified—Ignorant Politicians—Effect of Judge Black's Argument—Effectual Prayer by George Q. Cannon (56-64)
  9. The Past and Future of the American Continent—The Law of the Lord and the Law of the Land—The Efforts of Our Enemies Turned to Our Advantage—Light and Liberty of the Latter-Day Saints—The Work of the Lord Among the Nations—Judicial Folly and Injustice—Faith Inseparablefrom Works—Parable of the Talents Exemplified by Erastus Snow (64-75)
  10. Consolation Which the Bereaved Have—Other Calamities Worse Than Death—Effects of Sin—What is to Be Gained By Faithfulness—How All Will Be Judged—The Resurrection—Proofs of Christ's Resurrection—The Speaker's Testimony by Joseph F. Smith (75-82)
  11. The Church of Christ—Churches of Men—Conflicting Ideas—True Sources of Learning—Oneness Explained—Only One True Religion—"Probation After Death"—Ideas of Hell Changing—Different Degrees of Glory—Work for the Dead—Completeness and Simplicity of the Gospel by Charles W. Penrose (82-99)
  12. Peace Enjoyed, But Trouble Expected—Falsehoods About the Saints—Power of the Saints Dreaded—Truth and Error in Conflict—Plural Marriage not the Real Objection—Mining for Precious Metals Avoided—Good Effect of Unlawful Legislation and Rulings—Hopes for the Future by George Q. Cannon (99-109)
  13. A Comparison—Wrath of Man Made to Praise God—Fall of Senator Edmunds—Fate of Those Who Oppose God's Work—Persecution for Religion Unavailing—Case of the Huguenots—Intemperance—Startling Statistics—Drink the Cause of Other Evils—Appeal to the Saints by Moses Thatcher (110-116)
  14. Causes of Gratitude—The Church Illustrated By a Vine—Priesthood Represented By the Branches—Independence—Case of Lyman Wight—Priesthood on the Earth and in the Spirit World by Franklin D. Richards (117-123)
  15. The Gospel Like Leaven—Labor Required of the Elders—Promises to Abraham—Honorable Men in the American Nation Formerly and Now—Liberty in Religion and the Elective Franchise Claimed As Rights—The Saints Cannot Afford to Do Wrong—Relationship to God—Exhortation by John Taylor (123-129)
  16. Improvement Among the People—Interest Manifested by the World in the "Mormons"—Evidences of Divinity in the Work—Same Effects Follow the Gospel in Different Ages—Authority Restored—Proofs of Joseph Smith's Divine Mission—Persecutions Endured By the Saints—Reasons for the Same by George Q. Cannon (130-140)
  17. Blessings Enjoyed By the Saints—Improvement—A Perfect Law—What Would Result If the Saints Obeyed the Word of God in All Things—Perfect Organization of the Church—No Excuse for the Saints Who Sin—How Satan Can Be Bound—Exemption From Disease As a Reward—Exhortation by George Q. Cannon (141-149)
  18. Interest in the Work of God—Faith in the Destiny of the People—"Mormonism" a "Knotty Problem"—No Freedom for the Saints—Good Effect of Sifting—Growth of theKingdom—Commandments to the Saints—Travels of the Saints Compared With Journeyings of Ancient Israel—Inspiration of President Young by Joseph F. Smith (150-157)
  19. Leaders of the Church Inspired—Man's Free Agency—True Independence—Joseph Smith on Church Government—Fallen Condition of Mankind—God's Promise to Abraham—New and Everlasting Covenant—Difference Between Salvation and Exaltation—Testimony in Regard to Plural Marriage—Political Crisis—Why the Saints Are Opposed by Erastus Snow (158-166)
  20. Duties of the Latter-Day Saints—How Children Should Be Trained—An Academy for Sanpete—The Kind of Teachers, to Select—Education Advocated—Intemperance Condemned—Sin to Be Exposed—Unworthy Men not to Be Sustained in Office—Example of a Darkened Mind—Providence Over the Saints by John Taylor (166-172)
  21. Prosperity of the Saints—Danger to Be Avoided—How Blessings Are to Be Obtained—Free Agency—Triumph of the Work of God Testified Of—"Mormonism" not Easily Destroyed—Prophecies to Be Fulfilled—Self- Denial Required of the Saints by Joseph F. Smith (173-178)
  22. Need of Inspiration in Preaching—Growth of the Work of the Lord—Distribution of Responsibility—Self-dependence Necessary—The Cause and the People Are Being Tested—Existence of the Work a Proof of Its Divinity—Its Completeness—A Powerless Christianity—Sentiments of the Saints in Regard to Moralityites by George Q. Cannon (179-186)
  23. Delusive Spirits—Proper Channel for Revelations to Come Through—The Calling of Joseph Smith—Indication of An Impostor—Private Antipathy to Be Curbed and the Priesthood to Be Sustained—Only One Man Appointed to Hold the Keys of the Kingdom at a Time—Men not to Judge Those Who Preside Over Them—How to Secure Justice by Joseph F. Smith (187-194)
  24. Scope of the Gospel—Different Degrees of Glory—Free Agency—"Liberty" With a Vengeance—Trials Necessary—Former and Latter Trials—The Spirit of Gathering Illustrated—Judgments Predicted—Zion Already Attracting Attention—Encouragement for the Citizens of Deseret—Blessings Invoked by John Taylor (194-202)
  25. Prophecies Relating to Our Day—Apostasy Foretold—God's Work Re-Established—Restoration of the Gospel—Modern Revelation Opposed By Preachers—Unwarranted in Declaring that the Canon of Scripture is Full—Man By Searching Cannot Find Out God—But One True Gospel—Effect of the Gospel in the Days of the Apostles—How the Gospel Was Restored—How It is Being Preached—A Gathering Dispensation—Opposition to the Work of God—Destiny Before the Saints by Charles W. Penrose (203-217)
  26. Obedience to the Priesthood Objected to By the World—Wisdom in The Counsel of the Priesthood—Prosperity of Those Who Have Obeyed—Temporal and Spiritual Wealth—Effects of the Priesthood's Influence—Loyalty of the Saints—Respect for Law and Hatred of Oppression and Mobocracy—Destiny of the Saints—Their Capacity for Self-Government—Characteristic Virtues—Treatment in Regard to Sexual Crime—Honor in Dealing—Duties Towards Families by George Q. Cannon (217-226)
  27. The Work of God—The Events of the Times—Gathering—Temple Ordinances—The Object of Marriage—Plural Marriage—A Terrible Lesson—Laws of God Must Be Enforced—The Priesthood—Parties, Cliques, Rings, Murmurers—God is on the Side of Israel by John Taylor (227-235)
  28. Object of Meeting Together—Our Dependence Upon the Spirit of the Lord—Certain Rights Which Belong to All Mankind—Unpopularity of God's Servants in All Ages of the World—A Man Must Be Born Again Before He Can Understand the Things of God—The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints—The Gospel the Same in All Dispensations—How the Gospel Was Restored—The Gift of the Holy Ghost—Utah Built Up By the Power of God—Joseph Smith Received All the Keys of the Priesthood By the Administration of Angels—Fulfillment of Revelation—The Priesthood—Plural Marriage by Wilford Woodruff (236-244)
  29. The Hatred of the World Towards the People of God—Their Accusations Against the Latter-Day Saints—The Truthfulness of the Accusations Refuted—The Latter-Day Saints Will Compare Favorably With Any Other People on the Face of the Earth—Why, Then, Are They Proscribed—Because the World Hate Them—Persecution the Lot of the Saints—Past Persecutions and Their Result—The "Mormon Problem" Still Unsolved, and More Difficult of Solution Than Ever—Let the Saints Live Their Religion and the Lord Will Bring Them Off Triumphant by Joseph F. Smith (245-250)
  30. The Spirit of God Necessary for Our Guidance—Failure of the Measures Our Enemies Have Adopted Against Us—The Object of the Edmunds Law—Why All Such Laws Are Failures—They Are Founded Upon Falsehood and Bring Disappointment to Their Framers—The Efforts of Our Enemies Prove the Growth of this Work—Necessary to Pass Through Trials—God Will Always Deliver His People—A Knowledge of the Work of God is Being Disseminated—Two Influences at Work—Many of the Doctrines Taught By Joseph Smith Now Becoming Popular by George Q. Cannon (251-258)
  31. Truth Always the Same—Duties of the Saints—Officers Present—Where the Principles of the Gospel Originated—Character of Abraham—How He Was Tried—His Progeny—Duties of the Priesthood—Trials of the Saints—Charity Required—How Transgressors Should Be Dealt With—Exhortation to Righteousness by John Taylor (259-270)
  32. The Latter-Day Saints Aspire to Celestial Glory—All Our Possessions Placed in Our Hands Merely As Stewards—Is It Appropriate to Make Sacrifices in View of Glory and Exaltation We Aspire To, and To Hold All Things Subject to the Dictation of the Servants of God—Obedience to the Priesthood, and the Results Flowing Therefrom—The Providence of God Seen in the Selection of All His Servants—Temples, Their Object, and Those Who Are Entitled to the Blessings to Be Manifested Therein—Obedience to the Priesthood a Vital Test by George Q. Cannon (271-278)
  33. Retrospective Review of the Providences of God in Relation to the Saints—The Wrath and Schemes of Men Turned to the Advantage of God's People—The Order of God's Church Perfect—The Wicked Disturbed By Judgments, While The Righteous Enjoy Peace—The Administration of the Law of God in Relation to Offences—Should Be Resigned to The Will of God in All Things by Franklin D. Richards (278-286)
  34. The President Feeling a Little Weak in Body Asked the Considerate Attention of the Congregation—God Interested in the Welfare of All the Human Family—The Organization of the Church, and the Responsibility Resting Upon the Priesthood—God Has Given to Every One a Portion of His Spirit—The Promptings of that Spirit—The Wickedness of the Inhabitants of the Earth in the Days of Noah—Why the Flood Came—The Ante-Diluvians Would not Repent—The Gospel Again Preached As a Warning—Persecution—Our Relationship to this Nation in a Political Point of View—A Commonwealth Has Been Built Up in These Mountains by the "Mormons" Under the Blessing of God—Unfairly Treated as a People By the Parent Government—The Latter-Day Saints Have Rights Which They Will Seek Legally to Maintain—Conclusion by John Taylor (287-296)
  35. A Few Questions Every Latter-Day Saint Can Answer for Himself—The Fruits of the Spirit—The Proper Use of Riches—No Comparison Between Earthly Wealth and Eternal Riches—Principle Must not be Sacrificed for Riches—Consecration—Satan Rebuked—We Ought to Cultivate the Fruits of the Spirit—The Work of God Onward and Upward—The Fate of Those Who Sacrifice Principle at the Shrine of Greed—Conclusion by Moses Thatcher (297-301)
  36. Elders Always Ready for Duty—No Salaried Preachers in the Church—No Compulsion in the Work of the Elders—The Liberty of Law—Sin Brings Its Penalties, Righteousness a Sure Reward—Assumption of Divine Authority—Restoration of the Ancient Priesthood—Religion in Politics—The Secret Ballot—The One-Man-Power—The Liquor Traffic—Civil and Religious Freedom for All—The Effects of this Work on the World by Charles W. Penrose (302-313)
  37. The Principles of the Gospel Promote Unity, Faith and Love—The Human Family Are Free Agents—The Evidence of Our Having Descended From the Gods—The World is Fulfilling Its Destiny—The Church and Kingdom of God Arising in Influence and Power—The Restoration of the Holy Priesthood—Plural Marriage—More Happiness in Doing Right Than Wrong—All Real Enjoyment Comes From God—The Latter-Day Saints Trust in God—"Mormonism" the Only Religion Worth Living For—The Christianity of the Period a Tremendous Imposition Upon the Children of Men—"Mormonism" Will Extend Further and Further—Conclusion by Daniel H. Wells (314-321)
  38. Highly Essential that the Latter-Day Saints Should Be Taught in the Things of God—Belief in the Lord Jesus Christ—The Object of Being Latter-Day Saints—The Proper Education of Our Children—The Kind of Men By Whom They Should Be Educated by George Teasdale (322-325)
  39. Occasion for Gratitude—The Rising Generation—Latter-Day Saints Should Sanctify Themselves—Growth of the Kingdom of God—Prosperity of Logan and Cache County—The Introduction of Saloons: A Remedy to Prevent Their Extension—A Time of Peace—Who Are Preached of Righteousness—The Temple: How It May Speedily be Finished—Spreading the Gospel—Gathering of the Jews to Jerusalem—Exhortation to Faithfulness—The Reward of the Righteous by Franklin D. Richards (326-330)
  40. Retrospective Review of the Providences of God in Relation to the Saints—The Wrath and Schemes of Men Turned to the Advantage of God's People—The Order of God's Church Perfect—The Wicked Disturbed By Judgments While the Righteous Enjoy Peace—The Administration of the Law of God in Relation to Offences—Should Be Resigned to the Will of God in All Things by Franklin D. Richards (331-338)
  41. Introductory Remarks—Increased Faith in God—The Ideas Advanced By Joseph Smith—Lapse of Eighteen Centuries and No Voice From the Heavenly Worlds!—Joseph Smith's Testimony in Regard to the Father and the Son and Holy Angels—The Effect of His Revelations Upon the Minds of Men—Spiritualism—The One Power Through Which Godliness, the Power of God, and the Gifts of God Can Be Made Manifest With Safety i. e. the Priesthood—Joseph Smith Did not Attempt to Preach the Gospel Until He Was Duly Commissioned of God—John the Baptist—The Higher Priesthood—The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Stands Alone—The Results Following the Restoration of the Gospel—Wonderful Faith of the Latter-Day Saints Considering Their Traditions—Progress of the Church—The Generation Growing Up in These Mountains—Conclusion by George Q. Cannon (339-346)
  42. The Age in Which We Live—The Position the Latter-Day Saints Occupy—The Progress They Have Made Through the Medium of the Gospel—The Hatred Manifested Against the Saints of God—Cain—Sufferings of Former-Day Saints—Sufferings of the Latter-Day Saints—The Attacks of Religious Fanatics and Political Demagogues—The Mormons Are not Scared—Duties of the Latter-Day Saints—The Consequences of Allowing Our Children to Be Educated By Our Enemies—The Work of Our Enemies—Their Aims—Freedom Extended to All Sects in Utah—What the Mormons Claim—Their Belief in Plural Marriage—Institutions Introduced By Christian Civilizers—No Yielding of the Principles God Has Revealed—Conclusion by John Taylor December (347-356)
  43. Conditions on Which the Saints Shall Prevail—Prevalence of Peace—The Feeling in the East—Falsehoods Swallowed By a Credulous Public—No Real Injury—Immediate Promises—Only One Thing to Be Feared—The Saints Shall Prevail—The Saints Shall Prevail Through Faithfulness—This Praise of the World a Signal for Sorrow—Power of a United People—The Fiercest Persecution Antecedent to Polygamy—Salt that Has Lost Its Savor—Only One Channel of Revelation—Vox Dei, Vox Populi—The Aaronic and Melchisedek Priesthoods—Writing and Speaking—Spirits that Peep and Mutter—Deceitful Devices of the Enemy—The Men Who Have Authority—The Parable of the Ship—The Man Who Presides—Invocation by George Q. Cannon (357-367)
  44. Traveling Through the Settlements—The Necessity of the Settlements Being Visited—Revelation—Bogus Authority of Sectarian Preachers—The Claim that the Canon of Scripture is Full—The Cause of There Being No Communication With God—Visitation of the Father and Son and Holy Angels to Joseph Smith—Mahomed—The World No Idea of the Character of God—Restoration of the Knowledge of God—Angels not Feathered Beings—No Wonder the World Has Gone Astray—Space Between Death and the Resurrection—The Reign of Satan—Joseph Smith Accomplished His Mission—Persecution—This Nation Making Joseph Smith a Prophet—No Surrendering the Kingdom of God—God Will Deliver His People—Temples—Shall Those Who Have Obeyed the Law of God Be Looked Down Upon By Those Who Have Not?—Conclusion by George Q. Cannon (368-376)