Journal of Discourses/9

Journal of Discourses, Volume 9

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Journal of Discourses Volume 9



Reported By: G. D. WATT AND J. V. LONG









After a long night of darkness, which has covered Christendom like a pall, the light of Heaven has again burst forth to cheer and bless mankind. The keys of knowledge, long lost from among men, have been, with the Priesthood, once more restored to the earth. For centuries there has been no man in Christendom authorised to say "Thus saith the Lord;" and men have had to be dependent upon the knowledge and experience of those who in former generations received the revelations of Jesus. But now this has changed. Through the Gospel which has been restored, with the Priesthood, in its fulness and purity, the mind of the Lord respecting the inhabitants of the earth is being made known unto men.

The Journal of Discoveries goes forth to the world as another record corroborating those already extant, bearing the same testimony to the immutable principles of salvation which they have borne, and giving additional light upon many points concerning the salvation of this generation on which they are silent. All men can be profited by perusing its pages and pondering over the words of truth and salvation as they flow in beautiful simplicity and power from the mouths of the Living Oracles.

That this Volume may go forth and fill its destined mission, and remain an imperishable memento of God's kindness and his desire to save His erring children, is the prayer of the


  1. True Testimony—Preparation for Coming Events—Corruption of the Government, Etc. by Brigham Young (1-6)
  2. Spirit of Unity—Independence of Zion, &c. by Heber C. Kimball (6-8)
  3. Union—Human and Divine Goverment, Etc. by John Taylor (8-15)
  4. Sectarian Religion—Democracy, Etc. by George A. Smith (15-20)
  5. Improvement—Restoration of the Priesthood, Etc. by Lorenzo Snow (20-23)
  6. Appreciation of Divine Gifts and Blessings—Return to Jackson County—Encouragement of Home Manufactures by Heber C. Kimball (24-28)
  7. Home Manufactures by Brigham Young (29-31)
  8. The Gifts of God—Home Manufactures—Word of Wisdom—Happiness by Brigham Young (31-40)
  9. Submission to Reproof, &c. by Heber C. Kimball (40-42)
  10. The Gospel of Salvation, &c. by Daniel H. Wells (43-50)
  11. Cultivation of the Spirit of Truth—Trials of the Church, &c. by Heber C. Kimball (51-55)
  12. Blessings Enjoyed By the Saints by Wilford Woodruff (55-58)
  13. Building Up of the Kingdom of God—Home Manufactures by Daniel H. Wells (59-66)
  14. Prosperity of Zion, &c. by George A. Smith (66-75)
  15. Salvation By Works by Heber C. Kimball (75-78)
  16. Building Up the Kingdom of God, &c. by Daniel H. Wells (79-85)
  17. Priesthood by Brigham Young (86-93)
  18. Privileges and Responsibilities of the Saints—Building up the Latter-day Kingdom by Daniel H. Wells (94-101)
  19. Sufferings of the Saints—Overcoming Evil with Good, &c. by Brigham Young (101-108)
  20. Difficulties With Which the Church Has Had to Contend in its Establishment in Utah by George A. Smith (109-118)
  21. Duties of the Saints in Rolling Forth the Work of God by Daniel H. Wells (118-120)
  22. Varieties of Mind and Character—Chastisement—Freedom, &c. by Brigham Young (121-125)
  23. Observance of the Commandments of God by Heber C. Kimball (126-133)
  24. Living Our Religion—Obedience to Counsel by Heber C. Kimball (133-136)
  25. Gathering of the Saints—Honouring the Priesthood, Etc. by Brigham Young (137-144)
  26. Facilities in Utah for the Comfort and Prosperity of the Saints by Daniel H. Wells (144-146)
  27. Eternal Punishment—"Mormonism," &c. by Brigham Young (147-150)
  28. Obedience to the Commandments and Revelations of God by Heber C. Kimball (151-154)
  29. Evil Deeds and Evil Doers, &c. by Brigham Young (154-158)
  30. Blessings Enjoyed By the Saints in Zion, &c. by George A. Smith (158-160)
  31. Privileges of the Saints, &c. by Wilford Woodruff (160-166)
  32. Necessity of Paying Due Attention to Temporal Duties, &c. by Brigham Young (167-174)
  33. Salvation of the House of Israel to Come Through the Gentiles by Orson Pratt (174-179)
  34. Early Persecutions—Certain Retribution by Heber C. Kimball (180-182)
  35. Political Economy by Daniel H. Wells (182-185)
  36. Call for Teams to Go to the Frontiers—Encouragement of Home Manufactures by Brigham Young (186-191)
  37. Robbing the Dead—Dancing, not a Part of the Saints' Religion—Kindness in Government—More Telegraphic Wires by Brigham Young (191-196)
  38. Covetousness—Labours of the Elders—Mission to Form a Southern Settlement—Grumbling by George A. Smith (197-203)
  39. The First Principles of the Gospel by Parley P. Pratt (204-217)
  40. Closing of Amusements—Indulging in Sin Beings Mental Darkness by Brigham Young (218-221)
  41. Preaching the Gospel to, and Helping the Lamanites—Obedience to Counsel by Wilford Woodruff (221-229)
  42. Remarks on Behalf of the Indians by Joseph Young (229-233)
  43. Safety of the Saints at Home—Contrast of Their Position With that of the United States by John Taylor (233-239)
  44. Necessity of Temporal Labour, Preparatory to Building a Temple by Brigham Young (239-241)
  45. Propriety of Theatrical Amusements—Instructions Relative to Conducting Them by Brigham Young (242-245)
  46. Salvation the Result of Individual Exertion by Brigham Young (246-250)
  47. Encouragement of Home Manufactures—Righteous and Unrighteous Ambition by Daniel H. Wells (250-253)
  48. Power Given to Man to Create by Brigham Young (254-258)
  49. Agency of Man to Practice Good or Evil Principles by Daniel H. Wells (259-262)
  50. Corruption Among Government Officials by George A. Smith (262-264)
  51. Building of the Temple—Necessity of Union by Heber C. Kimball (264-266)
  52. Government of the Tongue—Impartiality in Judgment—Sealing by Brigham Young (266-271)
  53. Home Manufactures—Certain Destruction of the Enemies of Truth by Brigham Young (271-274)
  54. Weakness of Human Governments—Potency of the Kingdom of God by John Taylor (275-279)
  55. Duties Connected With the Aaronic and Melchisedek Priesthood by Brigham Young (279-281)
  56. Building Up and Adornment of Zion By the Saints by Brigham Young (282-285)
  57. True Character of God—Erroneous Ideas Entertained Towards Him by Brigham Young (286-289)
  58. Caution Against Vain Laughter—Value of the Life of Man by Brigham Young (290-292)
  59. Endless Variety of Organizations—Blessings that Await the Faithful by Brigham Young (292-298)
  60. Necessity of the Saints Possessing the Spirit of Revelation by Heber C. Kimball (298-299)
  61. Instructions on Priesthood—Necessity for Dilligence Among the Saints by Daniel H. Wells (299-303)
  62. Counsel on Cattle Herding by George A. Smith (304-304)
  63. The Love of Truth and Righteousness Implanted in the Natural Man—Kindness and Firmness in Governments by Brigham Young (305-308)
  64. The Kingdom of God by Brigham Young (308-317)
  65. Contrast Between the Religion of Jesus Christ As Enjoyed By the Saints and that of Professed Christianity by Brigham Young (318-323)
  66. Necessity of the Living Oracles Among the Saints Exhortation to Obedience to Counsel by Wilford Woodruff (324-326)
  67. Proclamation of the Gospel to the Dead. Exhortation to Improvements by Heber C. Kimball (326-329)
  68. A Knowledge of God Obtained Only Through Obedience to the Principles of Truth by Brigham Young (329-334)
  69. The Course the Saints Should Pursue and the Spirit They Should Cultivate by Heber C. Kimball (335-338)
  70. Knowledge and Power—Progress of the Saints in Regard to Those Principles by John Taylor (338-345)
  71. Variety of Gifts—Exhortation to Cultivate a Spirit of Contentment by George A. Smith (346-350)
  72. Responsibilities Resting Upon the Saints—Increase of Power and Influence by Daniel H. Wells (350-354)
  73. Influence of Parents in Training Their Children—Power Which Accompanies the Elders When Having the Faith and Prayers of the People by Daniel H. Wells (355-361)
  74. Eternal Salvation—Continued Improvement Brings Exaltation by Daniel H. Wells (362-364)
  75. Apostleship of Joseph Smith—Destruction Awaiting the Nations by Brigham Young (364-370)
  76. Gathering the Poor—Prosperity of the Gathered Saints—Home Manufactures by Heber C. Kimball (371-376)