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Mormonism and church integrity

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Changes in the way the Word of Wisdom was implemented over time

History and implementation of the Word of Wisdom

Summary: Observance of the Word of Wisdom has changed over time, due to on-going revelation from modern-day prophets, who put greater emphasis on certain elements of the revelation originally given to Joseph Smith. Early Latter-day Saints were not under the same requirements as today's Saints are.

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Use of water instead of wine in the Latter-day Saint sacrament

Summary: Why does the LDS Church use water instead of wine for its sacrament services? The Doctrine and Covenants even allows for wine to be used, despite the Word of Wisdom's prohibitions on alcohol.

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Joseph Smith and the Word of Wisdom

Almon Babbitt followed Joseph in violating the Word of Wisdom

Summary: It is claimed that Joseph Smith violated the Word of Wisdom, and that another member (Almon W. Babbitt) followed his example.

Joseph Smith sold liquor in Nauvoo

Summary: It is claimed that Joseph Smith sold liquor in Nauvoo. Is this evidence that he either didn't believe the Word of Wisdom was from God, or was hypocritical about it?

Brigham Young and the Word of Wisdom

Did Brigham Young violate the Word of Wisdom?

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Did Brigham Young encourage others to violate the Word of Wisdom?

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Modern day implementation of the Word of Wisdom

The observance of the Word of Wisdom in the modern Church

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Are we violating the Word of Wisdom if we do not eat meat sparingly?

Summary: Do Latter-day Saints not keep the Word of Wisdom by eating meat "sparingly?"

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Cola drinks and caffeine

Summary: Are cola drinks (e.g. Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper) and other drinks containing caffeine forbidden to members of the Church?

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What are "hot drinks?"

Summary: Why are "hot drinks" forbidden by the Word of Wisdom? Why do members now restrict these instructions to coffee and tea?

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Wine and alcoholic beverages

Summary: Since the Word of Wisdom teaches us to abstain from alcohol, why did Paul encourage Timothy to drink wine for the stomach?

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Accusations of hypocrisy in Church practices related to the Word of Wisdom

Summary: Some claim that the Church, as a corporate entity, controls business properties that are not consistent with its stated purposes. Examples include claims that the Church owns controlling stock in the Coca-Cola company, stock in tobacco companies and stock in alcohol companies.

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  • Michael R. Ash, "Up In Smoke: A Response to the Tanners' Criticism of the Word of Wisdom," FAIR Conference, 2000. off-site

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  • "Does the Mormon Church Own the Coca-Cola Company?" off-site
  • N. Eldon Tanner, "Q&A: Questions and Answers," New Era (July 1975), 50. off-site
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  • Michael Hickenbotham, Answering Challenging Mormon Questions: Replies to 130 Queries by Friends and Critics of the LDS Church (Horizon Publishers & Distributors, 1995) (now published by Cedar Fort Publisher: Springville, UT, 2004),131–133. ISBN 0882905368. ISBN 0882907786. ISBN 0882907786.