Mormonism and culture/Response to "Why People Leave the LDS Church" (2008)

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An analysis of "Why People Leave the LDS Church" (2008)

A FairMormon Analysis of:
"Why People Leave the LDS Church" (2008)
A work by author: John P. Dehlin
I want to just emphasize this very, very strongly. Yes, I've listed a lot of things that are shocking and disturbing about the Church to some, but I want to tell you that I have a personal conviction that nothing that I've mentioned today proves that the Church is evil or satanic or false. And many of the stuff does not bother me at all. It has very reasonable explanations, so my point isn't to cast stones or aspersions on the Church. I'm just trying to get you to think about what your loved one is going through right now, and I want you to think about what the gap is between what they were taught, what their understanding was growing up in the Church, and then what they've recently discovered. The gap is huge, and it is very troubling and disturbing.
John Dehlin, "Why People Leave the LDS Church" (2008) (emphasis and ellipses in original)
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The PowerPoint screencast "Why People Leave the LDS Church" (2008) by John Dehlin deals with two different major issues related to those who leave the Church:

  1. Historical and doctrinal issues which surprise and shock members.
  2. Social considerations regarding the way that members who deal with these issues are treated by other church members.

We will see that member's chief problem often lies in having heard or been taught something. When he finds that the matter is more complicated or nuanced than he had at first believed, he concludes that he must reject the Church entirely.

Historical and doctrinal issues

Social and cultural issues