Mormonism and doctrine/Adam

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Adam in Mormon thought and doctrine

Brigham Young's Adam-God theory

Summary: Brigham Young taught that Adam, the first man, was God the Father. Since this teaching runs counter to the story told in Genesis and commonly accepted by Christians, critics accuse Brigham of being a false prophet. Also, because modern Latter-day Saints do not believe Brigham's "Adam-God" teachings, critics accuse Mormons of either changing their teachings or rejecting teachings of prophets they find uncomfortable or unsupportable.

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Lecture at the veil

Summary: Was "Adam-God" ever taught as part of the temple endowment ceremony? I've read about something called "the lecture at the veil" that was supposedly in the endowment at one time.

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Mormonism and the the concept of "original sin"

Summary: Why don't Mormons believe the doctrine of "original sin" like the rest of Christianity? Do Mormons believe that the Fall of Adam was a "fortunate event?" Is the Church wrong to teach that little children are free from the taint of original sin?

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Mormon belief that the original Garden of Eden was located in Missouri

Summary: Is it true Mormons believe the original Garden of Eden was located in Missouri?

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Procreation before the Fall

Summary: Did procreation exist before the Fall of Adam?

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