Mormonism and doctrine/Miscellaneous

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Mormonism and doctrine/Miscellaneous


Summary: Mormons believe in being obedient to God and His servants. Critics sometimes characterize such obedience as the product of authoritarianism, or intrusion of leaders into members' lives. This misunderstands the doctrines of agency and obedience.

17 Points of the True Church


Summary: What is the LDS understanding of the nature of angels?

Animal sacrifice taught by Joseph?

Summary: It is claimed that Joseph Smith favored "Old Testament practices" including "teaching animal sacrifice."


Summary: Some critics of the Church object to the use of the term "anti-Mormon." They do not like to be referred to as "anti-Mormons," and deny that their books, speeches, blogs or videos are "anti-Mormon." Such critics often insist that the term "anti-Mormon" is unfair because they are not "against" Mormons, but only write and act as they do because they "love" Mormons or Mormon investigators and want to bring them to the truth.


Summary: Many people are not familiar with "apologetics," and raise a variety of questions.

Mormon Church is a cult

Summary: It is claimed that the Church is "a cult."

Graven Images

Summary: It is claimed that the Church violates the Biblical command against "graven images" because it displays sculptures of Christ, statues of the angel Moroni on the spires of our temples, or paintings showing scriptural scenes, within temples, chapels, visitors' centers, and publications.

Deification of man / theosis

Summary: It is claimed that the doctrine of human deification is unbiblical, false, and arrogant.
    • Downplaying the King Follett Discourse
      Brief Summary: It is claimed that, in an effort to appear more "mainline" Christian, the Church is downplaying the importance of some doctrines taught late in Joseph Smith's lifetime. Prominent among these is the doctrine of human deification. To bolster their argument, critics usually quote from a 1997 Time magazine interview with President Gordon B. Hinckley. (Click here for full article)
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Excommunication and Church discipline

 [needs work]

Sons of Perdition

Feelings and emotions as the basis of a testimony

Summary: Critics complain that the LDS appeal to "revelation" or a "burning in the bosom" is subjective, emotion-based, and thus unreliable and susceptible to self-deception. Sectarian critics also belittle appeals to spiritual experiences, comparing them to "warm fuzzies," or merely something "felt by simply watching a Hollywood movie."

Flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom of Heaven

Summary: Critics attempt to use 1 Cor. 15:50 to demonstrate that a resurrected being with a physical body cannot enter into heaven, therefore excluding a God with a body as well as resurrected mortals.

Free will and science

Summary: Science demonstrates that all interactions of matter--including all events in the human brain--are sufficiently caused by previous events. If we know enough about the laws that govern these interactions and the current state of the universe, we would be able to exactly predict any future event. Does this mean that the doctrine of "agency" or "free will" is false, since all human choices are predetermined by the laws of physics?

Government during the Millennium

Summary: During the millennium, will there be a secular government in addition to Christ's reign? It seems that I had heard that there will be a "government headquarters" in a different location to the "church headquarters". Do we know where they will be located?

Location of Lost Ten Tribes?

Summary: Can you tell me something about the location of the lost ten tribes of Israel? I heard they might be under the polar ice cap.  [needs work]

Myths about Mormons

Progression between kingdoms of glory

Summary: Is there progression between the three degrees of glory?

Prophets don't prophesy

Summary: Some critics say that Latter-day Saint prophets aren't really "prophets" because they don't prophesy by foretelling unknown events. They commonly issue challenges such as, "If Gordon B. Hinckley is a prophet, tell me one event that he's prophesied." Do LDS prophets "prophesy"?

Sabbath changed to Sunday

Summary: The Old Testament commands men to rest on the Sabbath, the seventh day of the week. Why do Mormons then follow the practice of most Christians by resting and worshiping on Sunday?

Satan's dominion over waters

Summary: I know I was told in the MTC that missionaries were not to ever swim because Satan had dominion over the waters. So what is the actual Church doctrine on this subject?

How is tithing calculated?

Summary: I've been told by critics of the Church that the Church expects or teaches its members to tithe on gross income. What can you tell me about how tithing it taught in the Church?