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Further reading

Further reading

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Mormonism and culture

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Reviews of presentations related to Mormonism and culture

The attitude of Mormons toward others who are not of their faith

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Cultural priorities in Mormonism

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Cultural biases

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Mormon culture and attitudes FairMormon articles on-line
  • Scott Gordon, "Education, Scholarship, and Mormonism," FAIR. FairMormon link

External links

Mormon culture and attitudes on-line articles
  • "Mormons, education, and intellect," Adventures in Mormonism blog (6 May 2007). off-site
  • Terrell H. Bell, "Educational Attainment," in Encyclopedia of Mormonism, 4 vols., edited by Daniel H. Ludlow, (New York, Macmillan Publishing, 1992), 1:446–447. PDF link direct off-site
  • Cherry B. Silver, "Mormon Culture: A Worldview, review of People of Paradox: A History of Mormon Culture, by Terryl L. Givens," FARMS Review 20/1 (2008): 73–94. off-site wiki
  • "The Dimensions of Mormon Religiosity," Sunstone Symposium mp3 offsite

Printed material

Mormon culture and attitudes printed works
  • Stan L. Albrecht, Tim B. Heaton, "Secularization, Higher Education, and Religiosity," Review of Religious Research 26/1, Special Issue Co-Sponsored by the Society for the Sociological Study of Mormon Life and the Family and Demographic Institute of Brigham Young University (September 1984): 437–58. off-site