Nature of prophets

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Nature of prophets

Joseph Smith

Prophets don't wrestle

Summary: The History of the Church makes references to Joseph Smith "wrestling." It is claimed that this indicates that Joseph was a violent man. However, these quotes are simply speaking of the recreational sport of wrestling.

Prophets don't fight

Summary: It is claimed that references to a struggle involving a "pulling up" motion indicates that Joseph was a violent man. However, this is a description that would, in fact, fit one of Joseph Smith's favorite recreational games: Stick-pulling.

Accusations of false prophecies

Summary: Specific accusations of Joseph Smith having uttered "false prophecy" are treated in these subarticles.


Latter-day prophets don't prophesy

Summary: Some critics say that Latter-day Saint prophets aren't really "prophets" because they don't prophesy by foretelling unknown events. They commonly issue challenges such as, "If Gordon B. Hinckley is a prophet, tell me one event that he's prophesied." Do LDS prophets "prophesy"?