Plan of salvation/Premortal existence/Further Reading

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Further reading

Further reading

FairMormon web site

  • FairMormon Topical Guide: Pre-mortal life FairMormon link
  • Kevin L. Barney, "On Preexistence in the Bible" FairMormon link (Key source)
  • Barry Robert Bickmore, Restoring the Ancient Church, Chapter 3. FairMormon link
  • Terryl Givens, "When Souls Had Wings: What the Western Tradition Has to teach Us About Pre-Existence," FAIR Conference 2007 off-site

External links

  • Russell C. McGregor, "The Anti-Mormon Attackers (Review of: The Mormon Defenders: How Latter-day Saint Apologists Misinterpret the Bible)," FARMS Review of Books 14/1 (2002): 315–320. off-site