Question: Were 19th century Mormons "anti-American"?

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Question: Were 19th century Mormons "anti-American"?

Latter-day Saints in the 19th century had lost faith in the United States government to redress their wrongs

It is claimed that nineteenth century Mormons were "anti-American." Latter-day Saints were not "anti-American," but they were not happy with the United States government.

Brigham Young, 1 August 1852:

I am at the defiance of the rulers of the greatest nation on the earth, with the United States all put together, to produce a more loyal people than the Latter-day Saints. Have they, as a people, broken any law? No, they have not. Have the United States? Yes! they have trampled the Constitution under their feet with impunity, and ridden recklessly over all law, to persecute and drive this people. [1]


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