Question: What was the appearance of the engravings on the gold plates?

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Question: What was the appearance of the engravings on the gold plates?

There were small, fine engravings on both sides of each plate

  • "[The plates] were filled with . . . Egyptian characters. . . . The characters on the unsealed part were small, and beautifully engraved. The whole book exhibited many marks of antiquity in its construction and much skill in the art of engraving."[1] —Joseph Smith Jr.
  • "There were fine engravings on both sides."[2] —John Whitmer
  • "We also saw the engravings thereon, all of which has the appearance of ancient work, and of curious workmanship."[3] —Eight Witnesses
  • "[T]he characters . . . were cut into the plates with some sharp instrument."[4] —William Smith
  • "On opening that part of the book which was not secured by seals, he discovered inscribed on the aforesaid plates, divers and wonderful characters, some large and some small" - Citing David Whitmer [5]
  • "These were filled with engravings on both sides" - Parley P. Pratt [6]
  • "are covered with letters beautifully engraved" - Lucy Mack Smith (allegedly) [7]
  • "on each side beautifully engraved, and filled with black cement"[8]


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