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FARMS Review Volume 16 — Editor's templates

Issue 1 (2004)

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{{FR-16-1-1}} George L. Mitton, "Editor's Introduction," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): xi–xxxii. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-2}} Kevin L. Barney, "An Elegant Presentation (Review of: The Book of Mormon: A Reader's Edition)," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 1–10. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-3}} Alan Goff, "Positivism and the Priority of Ideology in Mosiah-First Theories of Book of Mormon Production," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 11–36. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-4}} William J. Hamblin, "Priced to Sell (Review of: Prophecy and Palimpsest)," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 37–47. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-5}} Nathan Oman, "Secret Combinations: A Legal Analysis," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 49–73. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-6}} Benjamin N. Judkins, "Recent Trends in Book of Mormon Apologetics: A Critical Assessment of Methodological Diversity and Academic Viability," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 75–97. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-7}} Michael G. Reed, "Abanes's Revised History (Review of: One Nation Under Gods: A History of the Mormon Church)," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 99–110. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-8}} Robert H. Briggs, "Sally Denton’s American Massacre: Authentic Mormon Past versus the Danite Interpretation of History (Review of: American Massacre: The Tragedy at Mountain Meadows, September 1857)," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 111–134. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-9}} Robert D. Crockett, "The Denton Debacle (Review of: American Massacre: The Tragedy at Mountain Meadows, September 1857)," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 135–148. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-10}} Craig L. Foster, "Doing Violence to Journalistic Integrity (Review of: "Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of a Violent Faith by Jon Krakauer)," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 149–174. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-11}} Daniel C. Peterson and Matthew Roper, "Ein Heldenleben? On Thomas Stuart Ferguson as an Elias for Cultural Mormons (Review of: Quest for the Gold Plates: Thomas Stuart Ferguson’s Archaeological Search for the Book of Mormon)," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 175–220. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-12}} Daniel C. Peterson, "On the New World Archaeological Foundation (Review of: Behind the Mask of Mormonism)," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 221–234. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-13}} James B. Allen, "Asked and Answered: A Response to Grant Palmer (Review of: An Insider's View of Mormon Origins)," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 235–286. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-14}} Kevin Christensen, "Truth and Method: Reflections on Dan Vogel’s Approach to the Book of Mormon (Review of: Indian Origins and the Book of Mormon)," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 287–354. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-15}} Davis Bitton, "Spotting an Anti-Mormon Book," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 355–360. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-16}} Louis Midgley, "The Signature Books Saga," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 361–406. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-17}} M. Gerald Bradford, "The Savior's Final Hours (Review of: From the Last Supper through the Resurrection: The Savior's Final Hours)," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 407–412. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-18}} John W. Welch, "Enoch Translated (Review of: 1 Enoch 1: A Commentary on the Book of 1 Enoch, Chapters 1–36; 81–108)," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 413–418. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-19}} Gaye Strathearn, "Did the Early Christian Church Seek Salvation for the Dead? (Review of: Rescue for the Dead: The Posthumous Salvation of Non-Christians in Early Christianity)," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 419–425. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-20}} John A. Tvedtnes, "Can Early Chinese Maritime Expeditions Shed Light on Lehi’s Voyage to the New World? (Review of: 1421, the Year China Discovered America)," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 427–428. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-21}} Anonymous, "Book Notes," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 429–436. off-site edit
{{FR-16-1-22}} Anonymous, "Index to the FARMS Review, 2003," FARMS Review 16/1 (2004): 437–446. off-site edit

Issue 2 (2004)

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{{FR-16-2-1}} Daniel C. Peterson, "Editor's Introduction," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): xi–xxxv. off-site edit
{{FR-16-2-2}} John E. Clark, "Searching for Book of Mormon Lands in Middle America (Review of: Sacred Sites: Searching for Book of Mormon Lands)," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): 1–54. off-site edit
{{FR-16-2-3}} Stephen D. Ricks, "Testaments: The Literary Riches of the Book of Mormon (Review of: Testaments: Links Between the Book of Mormon and the Hebrew Bible)," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): 55–58. off-site edit
{{FR-16-2-4}} Kevin Christensen, "The Deuteronomist De-Christianizing of the Old Testament," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): 59–90. off-site edit
{{FR-16-2-5}} John A. Tvedtnes, "Reinventing the Book of Mormon (Review of: “Reinventing Lamanite Identity,” Sunstone, March 2004, 20–25)," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): 91–106. off-site edit
{{FR-16-2-6}} Allen J. Christenson, "Linguistic Puzzles Still Unresolved (Review of: Mapping the Book of Mormon: A Comprehensive Geography of Nephite America)," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): 107–112. off-site edit
{{FR-16-2-7}} Frank F. Judd Jr., "The Most Correct Book (Review of: Teachings and Commentaries on the Book of Mormon)," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): 113–116. off-site edit
{{FR-16-2-8}} A. Don Sorensen, "The Problem of the Sermon on the Mount and 3 Nephi (Review of: “A Further Inquiry into the Historicity of the Book of Mormon,” Sunstone September–October 1982, 20–27)," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): 117–148. off-site edit
{{FR-16-2-9}} Terrence L. Szink, "Jerusalem in Lehi's Day(Review of: Glimpses of Lehi's Jerusalem)," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): 149–160. off-site edit
{{FR-16-2-10}} John A. Tvedtnes, "Isaiah in the Bible and the Book of Mormon (Review of: “Isaiah in the Book of Mormon: Or Joseph Smith in Isaiah.” In American Apocrypha: Essays on the Book of Mormon, 157–234.)," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): 161–172. off-site edit
{{FR-16-2-11}} Brant Gardner, "An Exploration in Critical Methodology: Critiquing a Critique (Review of: “Critique of a Limited Geography for Book of Mormon Events,” Dialogue 35/3 (2002): 161–97)," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): 173–224. off-site edit
{{FR-16-2-12}} Matthew Roper, "Limited Geography and the Book of Mormon: Historical Antecedents and Early Interpretations," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): 225–276. off-site edit
{{FR-16-2-13}} Hollis R. Johnson, "The Big Bang: What Does It Mean for Us? (Review of: “Craftsman or Creator? An Examination of the Mormon Doctrine of Creation and a Defense of Creatio ex nihilo.” In The New Mormon Challenge: Responding to the Latest Defenses of a Fast-Growing Movement," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): 277–312. off-site edit
{{FR-16-2-14}} Charles W. Nuckolls, "Mormonism as an Ecclesiology and System of Relatedness (Review of: An Introduction to Mormonism)," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): 313–318. off-site edit
{{FR-16-2-15}} Walter E. A. van Beek, "A Comparative Exercise in Mormon Theology (Review of: An Introduction to Mormonism)," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): 319–328. off-site edit
{{FR-16-2-16}} Ben Spackman, "Swimming in Symbols (Review of: The Lost Language of Symbolism: An Essential Guide for Recognizing and Interpreting Symbols of the Gospel)," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): 329–336. off-site edit
{{FR-16-2-17}} Davis Bitton, "I Don't Have a Testimony of the History of the Church," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): 337–354. off-site edit
{{FR-16-2-18}} Larry E. Morris, "The Book of Abraham: Ask the Right Questions and Keep On Looking (Review of: “The ‘Breathing Permit of Hor’ Thirty-four Years Later.” Dialogue 33/4 (2000): 97–119)," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): 355–380. off-site edit
{{FR-16-2-19}} David R. Seely, "Exploring the Isaiah Code: Ascending the Seven Steps on the Stairway to Heaven (Review of: Isaiah Decoded: Ascending the Ladder to Heaven)," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): 381–394. off-site edit
{{FR-16-2-20}} Louis Midgley, "Cowan on the Countercult (Review of: Bearing False Witness? An Introduction to the Christian Countercult)," FARMS Review 16/2 (2004): 395–404. off-site edit