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FARMS Review Volume 20 — Editor's templates

Issue 1 (2008)

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{{FR-20-1-1}} George L. Mitton, "Editor’s Introduction," FARMS Review 20/1 (2008): xi–xxxi. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-1-2}} Don L. Brugger, "Toward the Ultimate Book of Mormon Time Line, A review of The Timechart History of Mormonism: From Premortality to the Present by Christopher Kimball Bigelow," FARMS Review 20/1 (2008): 1–14. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-1-3}} Brant Gardner, "Where Much Is Promised, Less Is Given, A review of Decoding Ancient America: A Guide to the Archaeology of the Book of Mormon by Diane E. Wirth," FARMS Review 20/1 (2008): 15–32. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-1-4}} Terryl L. Givens, "Common-Sense" Meets the Book of Mormon: Source, Substance, and Prophetic Disruption," FARMS Review 20/1 (2008): 33–56. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-1-5}} Roman James Head, "A Brief Survey of Ancient Near Eastern Beekeeping," FARMS Review 20/1 (2008): 57–66. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-1-6}} Larry E. Morris, "Elder Ezra Taft Benson's Incredible Experiences in Postwar Europe, a review of On the Wings of Faith: My Daily Walk with a Prophet," FARMS Review 20/1 (2008): 67–72. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-1-7}} Cherry B. Silver, "Mormon Culture: A Worldview, review of People of Paradox: A History of Mormon Culture, by Terryl L. Givens," FARMS Review 20/1 (2008): 73–94. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-1-8}} Sandra A. Thorne, "The Armor of God: Understanding the Metaphor, A review of Armor: Divine Protection in a Darkening World by Kim B. Clark," FARMS Review 20/1 (2008): 95–98. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-1-9}} Richard N. Williams, "Faith, Reason, Knowledge, and Truth," FARMS Review 20/1 (2008): 99–112. [{{{url}}} off-site] wiki edit
{{FR-20-1-10}} John Gee, "Some Puzzles from the Joseph Smith Papyri," FARMS Review 20/1 (2008): 113–138. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-1-11}} James L. Farmer, "The Clockmaker Returns, A review of The Case for Divine Design: Cells, Complexity, and Creation by Frank Salisbury," FARMS Review 20/1 (2008): 139–146. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-1-12}} Gregory L. Smith, "'Days of Miracle and Wonder': The Faith of Sam Harris and the End of Religion, a review of The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason by Sam Harris," FARMS Review 20/1 (2008): 147–174. [{{{url}}} off-site] wiki edit
{{FR-20-1-13}} L. Ara Norwood, "Still Losing the Battle. . .Still Not Knowing It: An Open Letter to Hank Hanegraaff, a review of The Mormon Mirage: Seeing Through the Illusion of Mainstream Mormonism by Hank Hanegraaff," FARMS Review 20/1 (2008): 175–194. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-1-14}} Tom Rosson, "Deification: Fulness and Remnant, A review of Deification and Grace by Daniel A. Keating," FARMS Review 20/1 (2008): 195–218. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-1-15}} James E. Faulconer, "The Myth of the Modern; The Anti-myth of the Postmodern," FARMS Review 20/1 (2008): 219–236. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-1-16}} [Louis Midgley], "Book Notes," FARMS Review 20/1 (2008): 237–264. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-1-17}} Anonymous, "About the Contributors," FARMS Review 20/1 (2008): 265–268. off-site wiki edit

Issue 2 (2008)

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{{FR-20-2-1}} Louis Midgley, "Editor's Introduction: Debating Evangelicals," FARMS Review 20/2 (2008): xi–xlviii. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-2-2}} Cecil O. Samuelson, "On Becoming A Disciple Scholar," FARMS Review 20/2 (2008): 1–14. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-2-3}} Bruce C. Hafen, "Reason, Faith, and the Things of Eternity," FARMS Review 20/2 (2008): 15–35. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-2-4}} Gregory L. Smith, "George D. Smith's Nauvoo Polygamy (A review of "Nauvoo Polygamy:...but we called it celestial marriage" by: George D. Smith)," FARMS Review 20/2 (2008): 37–123. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-2-5}} Robert B. White, "A Review of the Dust Jacket and the First Two Pages (A review of "Nauvoo Polygamy:...but we called it celestial marriage" by: George D. Smith)," FARMS Review 20/2 (2008): 125–129. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-2-6}} John A. Tvedtnes, "Ark of the Covenant . . . Again (A review of "The Lost Ark of the Covenant: The Remarkable Quest for the Legendary Ark" by: Tudor Parfitt)," FARMS Review 20/2 (2008): 131–139. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-2-7}} Brant Gradner, "This Idea: The "This Land" Series and the U.S.-Centric Reading of the Book of Mormon (A review of "This Land: Zarahemla and the Nephite Nation; This Land: Only One Cumorah!; and This Land: They Came from the East" by: Edwin G. Goble and Wayne N. May; Wayne N. May; and Wayne N. May)," FARMS Review 20/2 (2008): 141–162. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-2-8}} Duane Boyce, "Of Science, Scripture, and Surprise (A review of "Evolution and Mormonism: A Quest for Understanding" by: Trent D. Stephens and D. Jeffrey Meldrum)," FARMS Review 20/2 (2008): 163–214. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-2-9}} Robert H. Briggs, "A Scholarly Look at the Disastrous Mountain Meadows Massacre (A review of "Massacre at Mountain Meadows: An American Tragedy" by: Ronald W. Walker, Richard E. Turley Jr., and Glen M. Leonard)," FARMS Review 20/2 (2008): 215–235. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-2-10}} William P. MacKinnon, "The Utah War and Its Mountain Meadows Massacre: Lessons Learned, Surprises Encountered," FARMS Review 20/2 (2008): 237–251. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-2-11}} Shirley S. Ricks, "A Sure Foundation (A review of "Hugh Nibley's Footnotes")," FARMS Review 20/2 (2008): 253–291. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-2-12}} Louis Midgley, "The Nibley Legacy (A review of "Eloquent Witness: Nibley on Himself, Others, and the Temple, CWHN" by: Hugh Nibley. Stephen D. Ricks, ed.)," FARMS Review 20/2 (2008): 293–302. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-2-13}} Annonymous, "Book Notes," FARMS Review 20/2 (2008): 303–305. off-site wiki edit
{{FR-20-2-14}} Annonymous, "About the Contributors," FARMS Review 20/2 (2008): 307–309. off-site wiki edit