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Videos from the 2003 FAIR Conference

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{{Video:Roper:2003:Nephis neighbors}}
Nephi's Neighbors: Some LDS Perspectives on Book of Mormon Peoples and Pre-Columbian Populations, Matthew Roper, 2003 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Tvedtnes:2003:Racism in the Book of Mormon}}
The Charge of Racism in The Book of Mormon, John Tvedtnes, 2003 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Meldrum:Stephens:2003:Children of Lehi}}
The Children of Lehi: DNA and the Book of Mormon, D. Jeffrey Meldrum and Trent D. Stephens, 2003 FAIR Conference
Monotheism, Messiah, and Mormon's Book, Brant Gardner, 2003 FAIR Conference
Video not available Defending Zion: The California Mormon Newspaper War of 1856-57, Roger R. & Helen Ekins
{{Video:Potter:2003:Lehi in the Wilderness}}
Lehi In The Wilderness: 81 New Evidences Documenting the Book of Mormon Is a True History, George Potter, 2003 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Ash:Barney:2003:LDS Apologetics 101}}
LDS Apologetics 101, Michael Ash and Kevin Barney, 2003 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Rhodes:2003:Rebuttal to Lost Book of Abraham}}
The Book of Abraham: Dealing with the Critics, Michael Rhodes, 2003 FAIR Conference
Video not available The Grace of Apologetics, Roger Keller
Video not available Shining New Light on the Mountain Meadows Massacre, Gene A. Sessions
{{Video:Foster:2003:Unchanging ways}}
The Unchanging Ways of Anti-Mormons, Craig Foster, 2003 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Mauss:2003:Study in Misplaced Apologetic}}
LDS Church and the Race Issue: Study in Misplaced Apologetics, Armand Mauss, 2003 FAIR Conference
Video not available Random Reflections on the Passing Scene, Daniel C. Peterson
Video not available Black Latter-day Saints: A Faith-FULL History, Margaret Blair Young