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Videos from the 2005 FAIR Conference

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{{Video:Tvedtnes:2005:Authentic ancient names}}
Authentic Ancient Names & Words in the Book of Abraham & Related Kirtland Egyptian Papers, John Tvedtnes, 2005 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Ulrich:2005:Cognitive Dissonance}}
"Believest thou?" Faith, Cognitive Dissonance, & Psychology of Religious Experience, Wendy Ulrich (Psychologist), 2005 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Gray:2005:Blacks in the Bible}}
Blacks in the Bible, Darius Gray, 2005 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Clark:Ardern:Roper:2005:Debating foundations of Mormonism}}
Debating the Foundations of Mormonism: The Book of Mormon and Archaeology, John E. Clark, Wade Ardern, and Matthew Roper, 2005 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Parr:2005:DNA and The Book of Mormon}}
DNA & the Book of Mormon as Examined by a Molecular Biologist, Ryan Parr, 2005 FAIR Conference, (Link to all FAIR Videos)
The Fallacy of Fundamentalist Assumptions, Blake Ostler, 2005 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Bitton:2005:Cannon and the apostates}}
George Q Cannon and the apostates, Davis Bitton, 2005 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Bushman:2005:A Joseph Smith Miscellany}}
A Joseph Smith Miscellany, Richard L. Bushman, 2005 FAIR Conference
Video not available Masonry and Mormonism, Greg Kearney
{{Video:Perkins:2005:Reaching the Black Saints}}
Reaching Black Saints, Marvin Perkins, 2005 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Peterson:2005:Secular Anti-Mormonism}}
Secular Anti-Mormonism: Reflections, Sketches, & Preliminary Thoughts, Daniel C. Peterson, 2005 FAIR Conference
What I Learned about Life, the Church, & the Cosmos from Hugh Nibley, Boyd Peterson, 2005 FAIR Conference