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Videos from the 2006 FAIR Conference

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{{Video:Ash:2006:Book of Abraham 201}}
Book of Abraham 201: Papyri, Revelation, and Modern Egyptology, Mike Ash, 2006 FAIR Conference
{{Video:ThrockMorton:Mayfield:2006:Mythmaking and the Hofmann Case}}
Mythmaking and the Hofmann Case, George Throckmorton, Steve Mayfield, 2006 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Stubbs:2006:A Few Hundred Hints}}
A Few Hundred Hints of Egyptian and Northwest Semitic in Uto-Aztecan, Brian Stubbs, 2006 FAIR Conference (YouTube Video)
{{Video:Martins:2006:A Black Man in Zion}}
A Black Man in Zion: Reflections on Race in the Restored Gospel, Marcus Martins, 2006 FAIR Conference (YouTube Video)
Video not available An International Perspective: Opposition to Mormonism in Finland, 1845-2006, Kim Östman
{{Video:Roper:2006:Adam in Ancient Texts}}
Adam in Ancient Texts and the Restoration, Matthew Roper, 2006 FAIR Conference (YouTube Video)
{{Video:Bentley:2006:Legal Trials of the Prophet}}
Legal Trials of the Prophet: Joseph Smith's Life in Court, Joseph Bentley, 2006 FAIR Conference
Video not available Apologetics 101, Wayne Arnett
{{Video:Stewart:2006:DNA and the Book of Mormon}}
DNA and the Book of Mormon, Dr. David Stewart, 2006 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Brown:2006:Revised or Unaltered}}
Revised or Unaltered?: Joseph Smith's Foundational Stories, Matthew Brown, 2006 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Gardner:2006:Book of Mormon historicity}}
Defenders of the Book: Surveying the New World Evidence for Book of Mormon Historicity, Brant Gardner, 2006 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Bushman:2006:The Lives of Mormon Women}}
The Lives of Mormon Women, Claudia Bushman, 2006 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Wyatt:2006:Zina and Her Men}}
Zina and Her Men: An examination of the changing marital state of Zina Diantha Huntington Jacobs Smith Young, Allen Wyatt, 2005 FAIR Conference
{{Video:Hauglid:2006:Kirtland Egyptian Papers}}
Investigating the Kirtland Egyptian Papers: Myths and Realities, Brian Hauglid, 2006 FAIR Conference (YouTube Video)
Video not available A Tangible Restoration: The Witnesses and What They Experienced, Daniel Peterson