Mormonism and prophets/Revelation after Joseph Smith

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Revelation after Joseph Smith

Summary: If every President of the Church is a prophet, seer, and revelator, why have so few revelations after Joseph Smith been added to the Doctrine and Covenants? Revelations used to be printed in Church periodicals such as the Times and Seasons and the Evening and Morning Star. Why are revelations no longer published on an ongoing basis?

Do modern prophets prophesy? Or, are they simply "men of their time?"

Summary: Is they anything special about prophets that set them apart from others, or are they simply "men of their time?" Do modern day prophets actually prophesy of anything?

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Apostles as personal witnesses of Christ

Summary: It is claimed that Brigham Young and his successors lacked the ability to bear witness of Christ as a true apostle because they had not had divine manifestations.

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Divine manifestations since the time of Joseph Smith

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Prophecy fulfillment

Summary: The fulfillment of prophecy does not end with death--blessings, promises, and fulfillment extend into the Millennial years of the Lord.

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Blessings given by Oliver Cowdery

Summary: Blessings given by Oliver Cowdery.

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Brigham Young ordination blessing

Summary: FairMormon has found no criticism about the blessing given to Brigham Young upon his ordination as an apostle. His blessing is referenced by at least one other blessing, however, and so is included here for reference.

Claims that President Monson doesn't bear witness of foundational doctrines

Summary: It has been claimed that President Thomas S. Monson does not bear testimony of such foundational concepts as the truth of the Book of Mormon, the reality of Joseph Smith's First Vision, and so forth. Some have wondered if this means that he intends to downplay such doctrines, or if he does not believe strongly in them.

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Joseph F. Smith on revelation at Smoot hearings

Summary: It is claimed that at the Smoot hearings, Joseph F. Smith said that he never received revelation.

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