Source:Evening and Morning Star:Feb 1833:Ruins in Central America "good testimony in favor of the Book of Mormon"

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W. W. Phelps: Ruins in Central America "good testimony in favor of the Book of Mormon"

In an article titled “Discovery of Ancient Ruins in Central America,” there is a reprint of a story describing Guatemalan ruins at Péten. The editor of the paper, W. W. Phelps, said of the ruins that

We are glad to see the proof begin to come, of the original or ancient inhabitants of this continent. It is good testimony in favor of the book of Mormon, and the book of Mormon is good testimony that such things as cities and civilization, ‘prior to the fourteenth century,’ existed in America....

In addition to the above, Nephi relates what took place at the crucifixion of the Lord, and should ruins of many cities be discovered, it would be no more than a confirmation of what was once on this land of the Lord. The account of the great destruction at the crucifixion, is confirmed by the appearance of the face of the land now, and the cracks or common seams in the rocks....[1]

Note that Phelps describes all of the Americas as "this land," since he anticipates that finding more ruined cities in Central America would bear testimony of the crucifixion-era destruction.


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